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Commando 5703-5706

Issues 5703–5706 go on sale today, Thursday 7th December! With flying adventures in a Lysander, Nazis dressed as Americans, a mad Aussie murderer, and bow and arrows aplenty – you won’t want to miss these!

5703: The Flying Fool

When an RAF Hurricane cadet with a taste for practical jokes and horseplay is sent to a backwater squadron in India, he doesn’t let it dampen his spirits. What he didn’t know was things were about to get a lot worse!
     After pulling a prank on the wrong person, Pilot Officer Billy West is moved from being an ace fighter pilot to flying busted-up Lysander reconnaissance planes. Still, he’s ready to take on a Zero or two, and might even learn something along the way.
     Writer Suresh’s story of tomfoolery is masterfully brought to life by the legendary work of artist Carlos Pino! Ever wanted to see Pino illustrate an RAF cadet pretending to be a cow? Well now you can in Commando 5703 ‘The Flying Fool’!

Story | Suresh
Art | Carlos Pino
Cover | Carlos Pino

5704: Danger at Dawn

The American military policeman, fatally wounded, gasped out his last words — in German! And that was more than enough to set British Captain Bob Lawton thinking hard. For he and his CO, Lieutenant-General Digby, were in the care of Yank MPs behind enemy lines in North Africa and far from any friendly unit.

    To Bob, it seemed they’d been caught up in some nightmare Nazi trick. If they were, one false move could mean death. So Bob would just have to wait and pick the exact second to act...
    In print for the first time since 1970, ‘Danger at Dawn’ is a beautiful, classic Commando. With Allan’s story, Martin’s artwork and Jordi Penalva’s stunning cover, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t reprinted sooner!

Story | Allan
Art | Martin
Cover | Penalva
First Published 1970 as Issue 501

5705: Hold Fast, Digger!

Aussie Corporal Jack Harris was in the thick of the action at Milne Bay when the Japanese invasion force landed. The fighting was fierce, and he and his unit were forced to retreat, leaving behind many comrades in the chaos, including a young private named Tom Cooper.
     When Jack got safely back to base, Sergeant Bob Cooper was told about his brother. Now he was out for revenge, blaming Harris for his death. Between the Japanese and Cooper, if Jack was going to survive, he had better watch his back.
    Commando 5705 is a companion piece to Brent Towns issue 5685 ‘Fly Fast, Skipper’ — both set during the Japanese assault on Milne Bay. But in this issue, rather than in the skies above Milne Bay, Towns takes the story down to the ground alongside the Aussie soldiers in the thick of it. Newcomer Guillermo Galeote’s artwork lends itself superbly to the gritty tale of attempted murder among the thick foliage of the jungle and his cover is the cherry on top!

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Guillermo Galeote
Cover | Guillermo Galeote

5706: Shoot-out

For centuries the Nebbit family had been renowned for their marksmanship. Their skill with bow and arrow had won them the respect of a powerful Norman lord — and the right for them to keep their land.
    Now, hundreds of years later, Joe Nebbit was to prove that his family were still crack shots — this time with .303 Lee Enfield rifles!
    Issue 5706 ‘Shoot-out’ is a classic Commando from 1981 with the powerhouse trio of CG Walker, CT Rigby and Ian Kennedy on contributor duty! And what an issue it is — with bows and arrows turning into Lee Enfield rifles, we’ve really hit the bullseye with this issue!

Story | CG Walker
Art | CT Rigby
Cover | Ian Kennedy
First Published 1981 as Issue 1506

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