Thursday, October 27, 2022

Commando 5587-5590

They’re alive! They’re ALIVE! The creepy Commando Halloween specials continue with issues 5587 – 5590 on sale today, Thursday 27th October, 2022! This spine-chilling set includes ghosts, cursed cards, legendary gorgons, and the return from the dead of Commandos vs Zombies!

5587: Commandos vs Zombies 3

The dead rise again in the third instalment of Commandos vs Zombies! But this time the horde is on home turf as something evil is stirring in Blighty. Hidden deep in the Highlands is a secret bunker where terror breeds! But the bunker is silent, and the teams sent to investigate have all disappeared without a trace... That is until Sergeant Leo Manktelow comes a-knocking!

Evil returns and the dead just won't say dead in the latest comic in Georgia Standen Battle’s horrific series, brought back from the grave by the master of the horror himself Vicente Alcazar and a frighteningly good cover by Neil Roberts!

Story | Georgia Standen Battle
Art| Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Neil Roberts

5588: The Death Card

Would you accept the cursed card? Or are you too superstitious? If you are, you wouldn’t fancy being handed the Ace of Spades — the death card —as the key to your future, especially when this particular card had meant death for two previous owners! Issue 5588 The Death Card is another 'By Special Request!', an issue handpicked by a reader for our Commando Halloween specials!

This cursed Commando was penned by Bernard Gregg with art by Marzel and written by Commando Staff! A Commando so good – it just couldn’t say dead in the vaults! Don’t be cursed to miss it!

Story | Bernard Gregg
Art | Marzal
Cover | Staff
Originally Commando No. 926 (1975).

5589: Night of the Gorgons

This Halloween Commando offering is sure to PETRIFY readers! Historians mark the Dodecanese campaign as one of the last major German victories of World War Two. What the history books fail to mention, though, is that Allied and German forces weren't the only things flying over that region! For something far older and deadlier stalked the skies above the Aegean, as Flight Lieutenant Pierce Sullivan was about to discover!

You’ll need a STONY resolve to read Issue 5589 as Dominic Teague brings legends to life as gorgons attack! What’s more, Issue 5589 features Graham Manley's debut on Commando interiors and a Neil Roberts cover directly inspired by Ian Kennedy’s cover for 1478 ‘Target — Crete!’ You may want to read this Commando through a mirror – just in case it turns you to stone, readers!

Story | Dominic Teague
Art | Graham Manley
Cover | Neil Roberts

5590: The Ghosts

There’s something spooky going on in Crandon Abbey! Strange figures, eerie sounds, and mysterious moving lights seen in the dead of night. It was enough to make even the bravest men tremble. But the spirits that haunted Crandon Abbey weren't ordinary ghosts — these ghosts shot to kill and didn’t like nosy people poking around the grounds!

This classic Commando has crawled its way out of the crypt to bring horror and delight to readers once again! Featuring a spellbinding story by Bryan Perrett alongside eerie interior artwork from Llops and one of Ian Kennedy’s creepiest covers, well this Commando is too ghoulish to miss!

Story | Bryan Perrett
Art | Llops
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1289 (1979)

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