Friday, October 28, 2022

Comic Cuts — 28 October 2022

After laying low for ten days, we finally emerged from our cocoons and tested negative on Wednesday night. With Covid now in our rear-view mirror, I'm going to be playing catch-up for a few days.

Although I have tried not to let what felt like a "bit of a cold" slow me down, it inevitably has, as we adjusted to keeping clear of everyone. All the stand-by food (soup, beans, spaghetti, etc.) has been eaten and we almost ran out of cheese and toilet paper — I'll not say which one I'd miss the most, but you can't make a sandwich out of newspaper.

If that's the worst that has happened, I think we got off quite lightly. After a couple of days rest, we both managed to keep working, this week's output from me consisting of an introduction to a book and some 200 pages of raw scans for future books.

Life is settling back to normal. I had to cancel an appointment at the local surgery, which has been rearranged for next week; two more boxes of books have left the house, making a total of 16 so far; and I managed to put up some of Mel's Sensational She-Hulk comics on eBay (she had the complete run of John Byrne's 1989, 1991-93 issues). I walked Mel down to the bus stop this morning and I'm just about to leave the house to go pick up again.

That seems a good place to stop as there really is no more news. My next task is to put a few hundred DVDs into carrying cases to save myself some shelf space. I've got them into piles in alphabetical order... just got to get them out of the boxes and into the sleeves. I mean, how long could that take...



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