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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Commando 5427- 5430

Brand new Commando comics are out today. Battle across the ages with issues 5427 – 5430, from the rain splattered fields at Culloden, the perilous Mediterranean Sea, and the jagged Norwegian mountains to the snowy forests of the Hurtgen.

5427: Clash at Culloden

Murdo Conmore was quick to join the Jacobite Uprising— too quick for his father and brother Hector’s liking. Their only choice to save the family from future retribution was to even their allegiance, and so Hector was forced to take up arms against his brother. Then when the rain fell thick at Culloden everything was at stake for Murdo and Hector Conmore. Each knew that no matter which side won, both would lose.
    Marking 275 years since the Battle of Culloden, McLaughlin’s story deals with family ties and loyalty, with Ian Kennedy’s cover showing both brothers on their opposing sides in striking contrasting colours.

Story | Iain McLaughlin
Art | Khato
Cover | Ian Kennedy

5428: Mountain of Death

As the British convoys braved the Arctic seas to take supplies to the Russians, two British Commandos were given the job of knocking out a radio station that was tracking and reporting to the Luftwaffe every move the convoys made. If they failed to seek out and destroy this target, on a remote Norwegian island, thousands of lives would be lost. Major Bill Ramsay and Sergeant Pete McDermott had never tackled anything quite as tough and to make matters worse, there was a traitor amongst their group!

Orme’s story of deceit and betrayal will keep you guessing as each time you think you’ve outed the conspirator they wind up dead too!

Story | Orme
Art | Segrelles
Cover | Fernando
Originally Commando No. 372 (1968).

5429: Horror of Hurtgen

There was more than one horror in the Hurtgen Forest in 1944. American soldiers, ill‑prepared for grim German weather, shivered the whole night through. But the savage winter, cold, and feverish rain, weren’t the only things they had to contend with in those dark and mysterious woods. The men felt hunted by something worse than veteran German soldiers — stalked by something horrifying in the Hurtgen Forest.
    Andrew Knighton’s story of prejudice in the Second World War still resonates, with Vicente Alcazar’s shadowy interiors giving credence to the mirky woods and sinister threat prevailing.

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Neil Roberts

5430: Missing, Believed Sunk

The convoys bound for the besieged island of Malta just had to get through. For the sailors aboard the Royal Navy escort ships — men like Sub Lieutenant Sam Burton — that meant days and nights of bitter fighting against the German and Italian aircraft and ships determined to send them to the seafloor. But for Sam, men in enemy uniforms weren’t the only ones he had to watch out for…
    Another stunning nautical cover from Jeff Bevan, ‘Missing, Believed Sunk’ is a classic boys’ adventure comic with story and art by famed Commando contributors RA Montague and Gordon C Livingstone.

Story | RA Montague
Art | Gordon C Livingstone
Cover | Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No. 1670 (1983).

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