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Thursday, April 01, 2021

Commando 5423- 5426

Brand new Commando comics are out today. From the Battle of Greece to a mountain in Italy, from Nazi Germany to the 15th Century Wars of the Roses, Issues 5423–5426 take you on adventures through time and across the globe!

5423: Tassie Devil

By April 1941, the Nazis had invaded Greece and were pushing the Allies out! Evacuation was inevitable, however for one Tasmanian, no man was getting left behind! Issue 5423 Tassie Devil — written by resident Aussie writer, Brent Towns, with solid as always interiors from Morhain and Defeo is one whirling dervish of a story. And with a cover by the indomitable Ian Kennedy, Tassie Devil is sure to take no prisoners!

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Morhain & Defeo |
Cover | Ian Kennedy

5424: The Gun

What's it like to be the son of a legend who fought a man-eating tiger? Well it's not all sunshine and rainbows for British officer Peter Trelawney, who has to prove himself twice as he tries live up to his father's memory AND face off against 'The Gun'! A classic Commando cracker from CG Walker with art from legends Victor de la Fuente AND Ken Barr? Issue 5424’s not one to miss!

Story | CG Walker
Art | V Fuente
Cover | Ken Barr
Originally Commando No. 419 (1969).

5425: Brothers in Arms

Something a little different as this Commando is set during the Wars of the Roses, marking the 550 year anniversary of the Battle of Barnet! In this rare 15th Century Commando setting, two brothers are caught on opposite sides of the battle for the English throne; one Lancastrian and the other Yorkist. But will either survive? Another corker from prolific writer Andrew Knighton with the magnificent Manuel Benet on interiors and cover duty! Issue 5425 out soon!

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Manuel Benet
Cover | Manuel Benet

5426: The Condor Flies Again

The agent codenamed “Condor” had returned home to a hero’s welcome in Berlin. But this Condor was not what he seemed! He had been replaced with a British operative whose real work as a spy was just about to begin! This silver era reprint by RA Montague has more twists and turns than a maze and is equally as a-mazing! Catch the Condor before he takes flight!

Story | RA Montague
Art | Philpott
Cover | Ron Brown
Originally Commando No. 1669 (1983).

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