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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Commando 5315-5318

Commando keeps trooping on with two tanks, a Catalina and some Motor Torpedo Boats! All in  Issues 5315-5318 — out soon!

You don’t even have to leave your house to get Commandos! Order them direct to your door by emailing with the issue number and title you’d like to purchase.

5315: Ironhide

Alf Hubbert was a country boy with a knack for working on machines. And so, in 1917, he was thrust into a Mark IV “Male” configuration tank named “Lydia”. In the hot, noisy landship, Alf had to learn the hard way that he may be able to fix machines with ease but he couldn’t replace his friends as easily. But when he’s finally forced to choose, will he pick Lydia or his mates?

Story: Heath Ackley
Art: Vicente Alcazar
Cover: Keith Burns

5316: Secret of the Sands

‘Secret of the Sands’ is a classic Commando, and make no mistake! Lieutenant Luke Cope could cope with everything and anything as he traversed the desert sands of North Africa! Or at least he could until he met bookworm Trooper, “Steinie” Wallace, who had read more books than he had sense! But when these two characters joined forces it was as if the legendary General Hannibal lived again!

Story: Lomas
Art: Watson
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 945 (1975).

5317: Catalina Sunrise

Hot-headed Australian cattle-herder-turned-pilot Flight Lieutenant Bill Mitchell thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Only that meant he was reckless and had trouble following orders. Booted out of flying Hurricanes in North Africa, Bill was returned to Australia then sent to New Guinea to fly Kittyhawks, then Beaufighters until his disregard of orders got so bad that the only squadron that would have him was flying Catalinas. Let’s just say, Bill was less than pleased!

Story: Brent Towns
Art: Paolo Ongaro
Cover: Ian Kennedy

5318: Rescue!

Two Motor Torpedo Boats had skippers whose friendly rivalry was less than friendly at the best of times! Like chalk and cheese, Lieutenant Dave Hopkirk was easy-going while Lieutenant George Stone was strictly business by the book. But when someone was needed to rescue some blokes from a castle in Greece — these men were the ones for the job! If they could work together for five minutes that is…

Story: Staff
Art: Salmeron
Cover: John Ridgway
Originally Commando No. 1517 (1981).

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