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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Commando 5311 - 5314

The spotlight’s on the ladies this set as Commando celebrates International Women’s Day with four special comics all written by women, showcasing Commando’s female talent! Brand-new Commando issues — out today!

5311: Tank Wife

When Private Elvira Ogarkova discovered her husband had been killed by invading Nazis, she marched right up to Joseph Stalin himself and demanded to drive her own T-34 to get her revenge. From the writer of ‘Commando Vs Zombies’ and ‘Union Jack Jackson’, ‘Tank Wife’ is inspired by the true story of a female tank driver in the Red Army during World War Two. Out for vengeance, there’s nothing stopping the wrath of this Soviet widow as she leads her T-34 into the heart of the battle!

Story : Georgia Standen Battle
Art : Manuel Benet
Cover : Manuel Benet

5312: Aces Wild

Originally penned by prolific Commando writer and war comic legend Mary Feldwick in 1970, ‘Aces Wild’ is a classic RAF tale from a writer who knows how to spin a mystery! All is not what it seems for Clive Shaw as he tries to unravel the true story behind his ace pilot brother’s death! ‘Aces Wild’ features amazing interiors from beloved artist Jose Maria Jorge, wrapped up in an amazing Ian Kennedy cover!

Story : Feldwick
Art : Jose Maria Jorge
Cover : Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 489 (1970).

5313: Iron Resistance

Writer Hailey Austin returns for her second-ever Commando. Inspired by the brave exploits of women in the French Resistance, Austin spins an ensemble story based on the true adventures of several historical women who helped to sabotage Nazi rail lines, aiding the Allied victory in the Liberation of Paris!

Story : Hailey Austin
Art : Jaume Forns
Cover : Neil Roberts
5314: A Man Needs Luck

Peter Reed and Tom Evans had been friends since childhood, but when an old woman gives Peter a mysterious talisman their lives are about to be changed forever! Is it as lucky as she claims or will the pair perish in the deserts of North Africa? Featuring an explosive cover from Ian Kennedy, this reprint from 1983 features lively internal artwork from Carrion complementing the classic boys’ adventure writing style from one of Commando’s few female writers — Diana Muriel Garbutt!

Story : Garbutt
Art : Carrion
Cover : Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1719 (1983).

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  1. The tank in "Tank Wife" purports to be a T 34 and the story is set in 1943. The tank is clearly a T 34/85 which only entered service in March 1944. This is a pretty egregious blunder. Not acceptable at all!