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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Stephen John cover gallery

Stephen John was the pen-name of John Stevenson (1930-2015), used on the seven-volume Albert Divine series of erotic comedy novels. I have six, and they make for a tasteful gallery.

I Like It That Way (New York, Berkley, 1969; London, Wingate, Sep 1970)
Tandem 426-05696-5, 1971, 254pp, 35p. Cover: photo

How About This Way? (New York, Berkley, 1970)
Tandem 426-16090-3, 1971, 219pp, 35p. Cover: photo

Any Way You Like It.
Tandem 426-07069-0, 1972, 239pp, 35p. Cover: photo

This Way Please!.
Tandem 12108-2, 1973, 255pp, 35p. Cover photo
---- [2nd imp.] Oct 1974, 40p.

Coming My Way?.
Tandem 426-15763-X, 1974, 255pp, 40p.

Have It Your Way.
Tandem 426-15093-7, 1975, 244oom 45p.

What a Way to Go!.
Star, 1976.

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