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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Commando 5247-5250

Brand new issues 5247-5250 on sale Thursday, 25 July! Featuring firemen on the Home Front, French pilots of the Free French Forces, an underaged murder suspect, and the German invasion of Crete!

5247: Vichy Vendetta

Two French pilots caught on opposite sides of the war! When French airfields are overrun by Nazi invaders, Alain Broussard immediately defects to the Free French Forces rather than fight for the Germans. But his young protégé, Yves Fernier, panics, unsure of what path to take: Will he follow in his mentor’s footsteps and join the Allies or stick with his bloodthirsty Vichy commander?

Story: Steve Taylor
Art: Muller & Klacik
Cover: Ian Kennedy

5248: Boy Hero

An orphanage… A murder… And a case of mistaken identity! All in Eric Hebden’s Boy Hero! When a deadly accident in the orphanage causes sixteen year old Mike Ryan to flee — he’s quickly swept up into the army. But can he keep his secret from being exposed — and stay alive in the process?

Story: E Hebden
Art: CT Rigby
Cover: Penalva:
Originally Commando No. 710 (1973).

5249: Crisis on Crete

Sergeant Jack Preston wants nothing more than to be on the front lines and in the thick of the action. But as a member of the Royal Corps of Signals, he’s worried he’ll always be stuck at headquarters, manning the radio. That is until Crete is overrun by fierce Fallschirmjager and Preston gets his chance to join a tough crew of a Bedford Lorry fitted with a radio for scouting missions. Now the hapless Sergeant doesn’t quite know what he’s let himself in for!

Story: Ferg Handley
Art: Vicente Alcazar
Cover: Graeme Neil Reid

5250: Front-Line Fireman

For young David Ross of the Auxiliary Fire Service, being a fireman in the autumn of 1940 was a difficult enough job what with the daily and nightly blitz from Hitler’s air force. But things were about to get a lot worse when David began noticing that the fires in some factories were coming from the ground rather than the air. David soon suspects they have an arsonist on their hands, one with nefarious Nazi links…

Story: Burden
Art: Gordon C Livingstone
Cover: Gordon C Livingstone
Originally Commando No. 2865 (1995).

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