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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Commando 5239-5242

Brand new Commando issues #5239 – 5242 are out now!

5239: The Final Hunt

A body has been found beneath one of the Nissen huts in a Scottish prisoner of war camp — but who is it? Stripped of all identification and with camp records all accounted for, a small list of suspects leads to a mystery that only retired policeman Dick McKay can solve. It’s okay – McKay likes a puzzle and the answer to this particular enigma will take the small town Scottish gardener all the way to Frankfurt.

Story: Colin Watson
Art: Morhain & Defeo
Cover: Ian Kennedy

5240: Fire in the Sky

When bailing out of a failing aircraft the hard and fast rule is that the skipper is the last one out. So imagine an RAF Lancaster crew’s surprise when their Squadron Leader was the first out – not even bothering to tell them to jump! When word gets back to England, Squadron Leader Ricky Lomax’s name is mud – but behind the barbed wire fence of a POW camp in Germany, Ricky has no idea – and no memory of what happened. 

Story: Leach
Art: L Rosell
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 685 (1972).

5241: Steel Inferno

Inspired by the true events of the Soham Rail disaster, our third female writer in 30 years, Hailey Austin, brings readers a high-octane spy thriller! When Nazi agents pinpoint the sleepy town of Uxton as a prime target, two lieutenants must work together to stop them – if they can get along long enough to!

Story: Hailey Austin
Art: Khato
Cover:Keith Burns

5242: One Must Die!

Hate is a strong word – but not strong enough! The intense hatred between John Norton and Eugen Von Hasse was so strong it spanned not one, not two, but three wars! The torrid relationship between the Brit was German is likely to tear apart the lives of the men who serve with them. So, in order for any to survive… one of them – if not both – must die!

Story: Mike Knowles
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet
Originally Commando No. 2839 (1995).

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