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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Alan Smithee (Bizarre #20, May 1999)

A special clipping today, as this is one of my old articles. The idea was to treat Alan Smithee, a pen-name used on movies when the director was dumped or the producers took over the editing to try and make a film more commercial, as an auteur film director. The article appeared in Bizarre magazine, published by John Brown, under the name Noel A. Martena – an anagram of Not A Real Name, which was my way of telling people that the article on Smithee was not to be taken seriously. I doubt if anyone even spotted it.

Somewhere I have the first issue of Bizarre which suffered from a bit of censorship, with copies reaching the shops with a page torn out. I have a complete copy somewhere and will come back to this story when I find it. (To be honest, I've completely forgotten what the censored story was about – nothing written by me, I hasten to add, and the Wikipedia entry for Bizarre doesn't refer to it at all.)

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