Monday, January 23, 2017

Philip Kerr Bernie Gunther cover gallery

The Bernie Gunther novels began with a trio of critically acclaimed crimes noir, two set in pre-World War II Nazi Germany (March Violets, The Pale Criminal) and one in the immediate aftermath (A German Requiem). Over a dozen years passed before Kerr returned to the character, a former soldier who later worked as a private investigator, whose career he has continued to chronicle since. You can find a very good summary of the novels here, written by Philip Turner.

Berlin Noir (March Violets, 1989, The Pale Criminal, 1990, A German Requiem, 1991)
Penguin Books 0978-0140-23170-0, 1993.
---- [40th imp.] n.d., 834pp, £16.99. Cover photo by Ullstein-Bilderdienst
Penguin Books 0978-0241-06235-0, 2012, 806pp, £16.99. Cover photo by Ullstein Bild-Yva
---- [2nd imp.] n.d.

The One From the Other (2006)
Quercus 978-1847-24292-1, 2008, 410pp, £7.99. Cover design by

A Quiet Flame (2008)
Quercus 978-1847-24558-8, 2008, 413pp, £7.99. Cover design by

If the Dead Rise Not (2009)
Quercus 978-1849-16193-0, 2010, 455pp, £7.99. Cover design by

Field Gray (2010)
Quercus 978-1849-16414-6, 2011, 567pp, £8.99. Cover design by

Prague Fatale (2011)
Quercus 978-1849-16417-7, 2012, 534pp, £7.99. Cover design by

A Man Without Breath (2013)
Quercus 978-780-87627-6, 2013, 517pp, £7.99. Cover design by Ghost

The Lady From Zagreb (2015)
Quercus 978-1782-06584-5, 2015, 564pp, £7.99. Cover design by Two Associates

The Other Side of Silence (2016)
Quercus 978-1784-29558-5, 2016, 392pp, £8.99. Cover design by Two Associates

Prussian Blue (2017)
Quercus 978-1784-29651-3, 2017, 550pp, £7.99. Cover design by Headdesign

Greeks Bearing Gifts (2018)
Quercus 978-1784- 29655-1, 2018, 486pp, £8.99. Cover design by Headdesign

Metropolis (2019)
Quercus 978-1787-47322-5, 2019, 392pp, £8.99. Cover design by Headdesign

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