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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Commando issues 4983-4986

Commando issues on sale 12th January 2017.

Commando – 4983 – The Sentinel
Over thousands of years ago, the Tyrrhenian horde besieged the tiny island of Rhodes. Although the Rhodian warriors were outnumbered, they were not afraid, as they were led by their General Theron and his friend, Nereus. But little did Theron know, his biggest enemy slept within the confines of his own camp.
    By 1942, Theron had become a legend – the location of his tomb a mystery that plagued archaeologist Gennaro Soccino. Conscripted into the Italian army stationed in Rhodes, Soccino became obsessed with finding the resting place of Theron and… The Sentinel.

Story: Steve Coombs
Art: Morahin
Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando – 4984 – The One They Couldn’t Catch
Moto the Clown paused, sweat running from his face. He was about to walk along a steel wire, fifty feet above ground, suspended between two giant pylons. This had always been the climax of his circus act.
    But Moto wasn’t in the circus ring now. This time there would be no applause from the audience. The only sounds he could expect to hear was the harsh crackle of Schmeisser machine-pistols.

This unusual outing from October 1967 is a little different from a traditional Commando adventure, which is what makes it such a rare gem worthy of another airing! While the story about a clown who joins the army does push the boundaries a smidge, how many other Commandos could boast such a plotline? A marvellous script, art – Sostres’ interior line work is simply spectacular – and Ken Barr’s whimsical yet enticing cover combine seamlessly to create this delightfully zany yarn.—The Commando Team

Story: Powell
Art: Sostres
Cover: Ken Barr
The One They Couldn’t Catch, originally Commando No 289 (October 1967)

Commando - 4985 – Mountain Strike
Lieutenant Alan Barkley was tasked with assembling a team to embark on a special ground mission, deep behind enemy lines in Burma. These soldiers would face gruelling conditions, putting their skills to the test, all whilst carrying a 3.7 inch calibre howitzer up treacherous mountain peaks.
    Rookie medic, Ben Ellis, did not expect to be enlisted for this task, and his fellow soldiers questioned his capabilities. But they soon found that venturing into enemy territory with a deadly weapon in tow takes courage and cunning to survive.

Story: Ferg Handley
Art: Jaume Forns
Cover: Janek Matysiak

Commando - 4982 – Very Important Passenger
Ferrying a V.I.P. to England from North Africa might sound like a simple enough mission, but not when it’s a worn-out old bomber only fit for the scrapheap that you’re given to do the job.
    And it doesn’t help when your Very Important Passenger panics at the first sign of an enemy aircraft… or when he pulls out a revolver and points it at your head!

Accusations, air raids and an unpredictable passenger creates the foundations for this soaring tale. Despite completing dangerous air missions, transporting an unusual stranger may just be Frank Roach’s most difficult challenge yet. A tale of trust, filled with action from start to finish, Very Important Passenger is brought to life by Terry Patrick’s wonderful artwork.
    Sit back and enjoy as we take to the skies with Frank “Finny” Roach and Sergeant Judd Stott in K.P. MacKenzie’s high-flying adventure.—The Commando Team.

Story: K.P. MacKenzie
Art: Terry Patrick
Cover: Terry Patrick
Very Important Passenger, originally Commando No 2453 (March 1991)

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