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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Commando issues 4979-4982

(* A week late, I know, but the following issues are still on sale.)

Commando issues on sale 29th December 2016.

Commando – 4979 – Sucker Punch
Captured by S.S. men for desertion and sentenced to firing squad by his own countrymen, German naval officer, Franz Beuten, was saved by British Special Service operatives, Lieutenant Tom Dell, Sergeant Mark Lyle and Corporal Roger Crown, on duty deep behind enemy lines.
    After Germany’s surrender, the S.A.S. troop was tasked with tracking down Nazi war criminals. An unlikely alliance was formed between Franz and the S.A.S. boys. Together they made sure they dealt the Nazis a deadly… SUCKER PUNCH.

Story: George Low
Art: Vila
Cover: Ian Kennedy

Commando – 4980 – Flying Phantom
Tom Hardy, ex-spitfire ace and Dave Rogers, Radar operator, were a night-fighter team. They flew in a Beaufighter, but they never got results. Sometimes the radar broke down, once it caught fire. They even found themselves chasing friendly planes.
    Then something new was added to the team. On their night flights it was always with them, an unearthly presence glowing with an eerie green light, like a being from another world – and it turned Tom and Dave into real night-fighter aces.

Amongst the action and adventure of the front lines, Commando Comics often ventured into the weird and wonderful world of fantasy and science fiction. The Flying Phantom is an exciting example of this alternative take on telling war stories.
    McOwan successfully mixed a traditional narrative of fighter pilots striving to be the very best with ancient legend to create a truly memorable plot, brought to life by Quesada’s beautiful illustartions. Perhaps the most enticing element of Flying Phantom is Ken Barr’s bold, stunning cover. This gripping tale mixes mystery and magic, leaving readers flying high long after the end.—The Commando Team

Story: McOwan
Art: Quesada
Cover: Ken Barr
Flying Phantom, originally Commando No 266 (June 1967), reissued as No 939 (June 1975).

Commando - 4981 – Yuri’s Revenge
Yuri Murayev, former member of Russia’s elite Spetznaz shock forces, had proven himself time and again to be a thorn in the side of media mogul and would-be dictator, Anatoly Speck.
But when Speck kidnaps British S.A.S. agent Douglas Trent, Yuri knows it is time to take the fight directly to the enemy and put an end to Speck’s deadly conspiracies and political intrigues for once and for all. He has been hunted, beaten and framed – now it’s time for YURI’S REVENGE.

Story: Stephen Walsh
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet

Commando - 4982 – Everything Under Control
Jim Farrow’s war as a navigator had got off to quite a start. Before he’d even qualified, he’d dragged an injured pilot out of his seat and landed the aircraft by himself.
When he was transferred to a Hampden squadron, someone told him that if the same thing happened again, he didn’t stand a chance of getting the pilot away from the controls – for the Hampden cockpit was only three feet across. “Flying coffins,” they called them.
    Then one day it happened…

R.A. Montague’s tale of a dysfunctional bomber crew highlights the teamwork, communication and trust flight crews needed during the Second World War. The bomber teams had great faith in their navigators, who were central players in performing successful air raids, avoiding conflict, hitting targets, and returning safely. In a tale of courage and comradery, Jose Maria Jorge skilfully captures the tension and terror of being part of a bomber crew.
    Follow our hero, Jim Farrow, through a turbulent adventure as he attempts to keep Everything Under Control.—The Commando Team.

Story: R.A. Montague
Art: Jose Maria Jorge
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Everything Under Control, originally Commando No 1194 (January 1978), reissued as No 2492 (August 1991).

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