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Friday, July 15, 2016

Comic Cuts - 15 July 2016

I finally had to bite the bullet and have bought a couple of new external hard drives. The final straw was when our little stick died. We used this little 4gb gadget to transfer downloaded programmes from my computer so we could watch them on the TV and we were watching the latest episode of Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast video (which you can watch for free on You Tube and Vimeo, and via iTunes) when the picture froze briefly then disappeared.

Hard drives wear out and we've used the stick almost daily for quite a few years. But it reminded me that I need to back up my computer. I have most of my files backed up onto two 3tb (a terabyte being 1,000 gigabytes) external drives, plus a selection of other drives between 250gb and 1tb which have other material backed up, much of it relating to the years I worked for Look and Learn where we were dealing with vast numbers of images, all of which I tried to back up twice, just in case a drive failed.

So I have two 5tb drives heading my way, which should keep me going for a few years. The plan is to amalgamate everything from eight smaller drives onto the 3tb and 5tb drives, which should mean I can dump the smallest ones. Let's hope the plan works.

Random scans... We're in the studio with Hotel Business so I haven't had time to think up a theme, so it came down to the digital equivalent of putting a pin into the screen which pricked my Digit Books folder. Pinprick two landed on Digit 208, so I've worked around that area and pulled together some war covers by R. A. Osborne.


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