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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Charles Stross cover gallery

Singularity Sky (New York, Ace Books, Aug 2003)
Orbit 1841-49334-1, (Feb) 2005, 389pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

Iron Sunrise (New York, Ace Books, Jul 2004)
Orbit 1841-49336-8, Aug 2005, 480pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

The Atrocity Archives (Urbana, Illinois, Golden Gryphon Press, May 2004)
Orbit 978-1841-49569-9, (Jun) 2007, 319pp, £6.99. Cover design by LBBG-Sean Garrehy

The Family Trade (New York, Tor, Dec 2004)
Tor 978-0330-45193-2, (Nov) 2007, 308pp, £6.99. Cover design by

The Hidden Family (New York, Tor, Jun 2005)
Tor 978-0330-46093-4, (Aug) 2008, 327pp, £7.99. Cover design by

Accelerando (New York, Ace Books, Jul 2005)
Orbit 978-1841-49389-9, Jun 2006, 433pp, £6.99. Cover design by TWBG-Peter Cotton

The Clan Corporate (New York, Tor, May 2006)
Tor 978-0330-46094-1, (Dec) 2008, 310pp, £6.99. Cover design by

Glasshouse (New York, Ace Books, Jun 2006)
Orbit 978-1841-49393-0, 2006, 388pp, £6.99. Cover design by Sean Garrehy

The Jennifer Morgue (Urbana, Illinois, Golden Gryphon Press, Nov 2006)
Orbit 978-1841-49570-5, (Sep) 2007, 418pp, £6.99. Cover design by LBBG-Sean Garrehy
Orbit 978-0356-50238-0, 2013, 418+[20]pp, £8.99.

The Merchants' War (New York, Tor, 2007)
Tor 978-0330-

Halting State (New York, Ace Books, Sep 2007)
Orbit 978-1841-49694-8, (Jan) 2008, 338pp, £10.99. [tpb]
Orbit 978-1841-49665-8, (Sep) 2008, 376+[29]pp, £7.99. Cover by Army of Trolls @ NB Illustration

Saturn's Children (New York, Ace Books, Jul 2008)
Orbit 978-1841-49568-2, (Jul) 2009, 371pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

The Revolution Business (New York, Tor, 2009)

The Trade of Queens (New York, Tor, 2010)

The Fuller Memorandum (New York, Ace Books, Jul 2010)
Orbit 978-1841-49770-9, (Jul) 2010, 354 [+22]pp, £7.99.
---- [2nd imp.] 2010; [3rd imp.] 2010

Rule 34 (New York, Ace Books, Jul 2011)
Orbit 978-1841-49773-0, (Jul) 2011, 358pp, £12.99. [tpb]
Orbit 978-1841-49774-7, (Jun) 2012), 400pp, £7.99.

The Apocalypse Codex (New York, Ace Books, Jul 2012)
Orbit 978-0356-50098-0, (Jul) 2012, 386pp, £7.99.

The Rapture of the Nerds, with Cory Doctorow (New York, Tor, 2012)

Neptune's Brood (New York, Ace Books, Jul 2013)
Orbit 978-0356-50100-0, (Jun) 2014, 368pp, £8.99.

The Rhesus Chart (New York, Ace Books, 2014)
Orbit 978-0356-50252-6, (Apr) 2015, 359pp, £8.99. Cover design by Crush Creative

The Annihilation Score (London, Orbit, Jul 2015)

The Nightmare Stacks (2016)

The Delirium Brief (2017)

Empire Games (2017)

Dark State (Jan 2018)
Tor 978-1509-82352-9, 2018, 349pp, £14.99 [tpb]. Cover design by Neil Lang

The Labyrinth Index (due 2018)

Invisible Sun (due Jan 2019)


Timelike Diplomacy (contains Singularity Sky, Iron Sunrise; New York, SF Book Club, 2004)
(no UK paperback)

On Her Majesty's Occult Service (contains The Atrocity Archives, The Jennifer Morgue; New York, SF Book Club, 2007)
(no UK paperback)

The Bloodline Feud (contains The Family Trade, The Hidden Family; London, Tor, 2013)

The Traders' War (contains The Clan Corporate, The Merchants' War; London, Tor, 2013)

The Revolution Trade (contains The Revolution Business, The Trade of Queens; London, Tor, 2013)
Tor 978-1447-23764-8, 2013, 557pp, £9.99. Cover design by


Toast and other rusted futures (Holicong, Pennsylvania, Wildside Pres/Cosmos Books, 2002; revised, 2003; expanded, Burton, Michigan, Subterranean Press, 2007)

Wireless: The Essential Charles Stross (London, Orbit, 2009)

Scratch Monkey: A Novel and Two Essays (Framingham, Massachusetts, NESFA Press, 2010)
(no UK paperback)


The Web Architect's Handbook (Cambridge, Massachusetts, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1996)

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