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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Ben Aaronovitch - Rivers of London cover gallery

Rivers of London (London, Gollancz, 2011)
Gollancz 978-0575-09758-2, 2011, 392+29pp, £7.99. Cover designed by Patrick Knowles

Moon Over Soho (London, Gollancz, 2011)
Gollancz 978-1407-24315-3, 2011, 375pp, £7.99. Cover by Stephen Walter / design by Patrick Knowles

Whispers Underground (London, Gollancz, 2012)
Gollancz 978-0575-09766-7, 2012, 418pp, £7.99. Cover by Stephen Walter / design by Patrick Knowles

Broken Homes (London, Gollancz, 2013)
Gollancz 978-0575-13248-1, 2013, 357pp, £7.99. Cover by Stephen Walter / design by Patrick Knowles

Foxglove Summer (London, Gollancz, 2014)
Gollancz 978-0575-13252-8, 2015, 374pp, £8.99. Cover by Patrick Knowles

The Hanging Tree (London, Gollancz, November 2016)
Gollancz 978-


Phil Rushton said...

...But are the books any good? I must admit I'm quite tempted to get them.

Steve said...

Mel started the first book a couple of weeks ago and loved it... she's since read all of them and is making puppy-eyes about getting the next book for her birthday. We usually like the same things, so, yes, the books are good, and I'm planning to start reading the series shortly.

Phil Rushton said...

Excellent! I'll give them a go myself then - they should fill the gap left by Mike Carey's Felix Castor series which I recently finished! :)