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Friday, June 10, 2016

Comic Cuts - 10 June 2016

On Thursday morning I attended the dentists for the second of my current 7-part dental plan, which involves some cleaning, some filling and a root canal and crown replacement on one of my lower right molars.

Today's trip was to see whether another tooth, one on the upper left, could be fixed. There was some deep decay, according the the x-rays, and I'd already been advised by my delightful dentist Neha that it was probably too extensive to fix with a filling. After a lot of drilling, she pronounced that the decay was below the gum-line. At the moment I have a temporary filling, but the underlying problem hasn't been solved and the tooth, at some point, is going to have to come out.

As I'm already booked in for multiple visits because of the root canal, I suspect I'll get this one done at the end of the current treatment course. This is the legacy of 35 years of heavy smoking, although I'm sure the vast amount of sugar in food these days has also contributed. Either that or my dentist has a deal with the tooth fairy... I need to investigate.

I have been working on another quite extensive author cover gallery and didn't leave myself enough time to clean up a few random covers. However, if you scroll down I've posted a mini-cover gallery featuring some interesting novelisations.

Next week sees the last few episodes of Roger Perry's reminiscences of his days as a freelance photographer on girls' comics.

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