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Translated Scandinavian paperback westerns

Translated Scandinavian paperback westerns
considered first editions and first printings

by Anders N. Nilsson & Jan Pettersen


Finding information on the original title and the named translator in the beginning of a translated book for most people means that the text has been published earlier in its original language. However, as will be shown in this article this is not always the case when dealing with popular fiction like westerns.

Scattered information available via Internet describe some seemingly rare cases when novels within the western genre have been written in one language, normally English, but published only as a translation to another, normally European, language. As of predigital age, this means that books were translated from typed manuscripts instead of from printed books. It also means that the true first editions and first printings are located to another country and another language zone than the author of the text.

During an attempt to document the first editions and printings of all paperback westerns published in Sweden (Nilsson & Myrman 2012), the first author have noted that some titles translated from English cannot be traced on the Internet outside of Scandinavia. Neither are they cited in printed compilations like Twentieth-Century Western Writers (Sadler 1991). One obvious reason for this lack of information is that the often British original publication was obscure and has been forgotten. But as the negative observations also included titles from well-known author names such as Jackson Cole and Marshall Grover, the possibility that publication outside of Scandinavia never had taken place had to be taken into account.

Earlier documentation

A special case was noted among the 26 Swedish Ponny Books published 1956–1958 and authored by Donald B. Reach. All books are provided with original titles in English and the names of Swedish translators. It turned out that the multilingual author Kris Winther had found it more convenient to write the manuscripts in English than in Swedish although he was a Swedish citizen and knew the language (Nilsson 2014). The pen name he used was only a way to make the books look more American in origin, and with a twist.

A second set of observations was triggered by Juri Nummelin’s note on Finnish westerns with the suggestion that the majority of Tex Kirby’s books on Brad Lando published in Finland were lacking earlier editions in the English language (Nummelin 2013). The situation was judged to be the same in Sweden, where even more Lando books had been published, all within the Mustang series.

That more authors and book series shared the presence of translated first editions was suggested by scattered evidence gathered from the Internet. First, the Swedish Wikipedia has a note under Marshall Grover’s popular Bill & Ben series of books (Larry & Stretch in original), saying that the Australian publishing house, Horwitz, had sold the rights of several titles to Scandinavia without the production of any editions in English (Wikipedia Sweden 2015). An earlier source for this statement is James Reasoner (2009), also cited in Johnson-Woods (2012). It is also evident from the Bibliography of Australian Literature (Arnold & Hay 2004) that some of Marshall Grover’s titles, like The Cannon Mound Gang and Wyoming War-Fewer, were printed in Denmark before in Australia. Second, Twentieth-Century Western Writers lists under Matt Chisholm five titles published by the Norwegian publisher Bladkompaniet as translations made directly from the original manuscripts (Sadler 1991:124).

Another British author writing directly for Norway and Bladkompaniet was Michael R. Linaker. His series about the former US Marshal Jason Brand, written under the pen name Neil Hunter, was first published in Norway already in 1978 (Sadler 1991:420, Bridges 2015).

Scandinavian coordination

As the Scandinavian paperback market was characterized by co-operation among publishers in the different countries, we have chosen to document first editions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We have excluded Finland due to linguistic problems, although we do understand that it was part of the same market. The Danish publisher Winther dominated the Danish market and also had close co-operation with publishers in the other countries with the result that the publication of some of their major series like Bill & Ben and Walt Slade were relatively well synchronized. Via the organisation The Co-Operating European Pocket Book Publishers, active in the 1960’s they also coordinated the handling of copyright issues among the countries involved.

The fact that most Scandinavian first editions, 84 of 145, were published in Sweden is possibly an artefact due to the fact that the books from this country were studied at a higher detail than those from Denmark or Norway. Whereas the first editions written by Matt Chisholm and Neil Hunter were unique to Norway, nothing similar was documented for Denmark. The single dominating Danish publisher, Winther, had a close cooperation with publishers in the two other countries, which may explain why most of their series were widespread in Scandinavia.

Source pools over time

Our list includes 146 titles of ten different writers, all using pen names. Marshall Grover is the only Australian writer, with 47 titles, and Jackson Cole the only American with 13 titles. The remaining writers are all British, and only seven, as John Glasby is represented by two different pseudonyms. The majority of the titles on our list have never been published in the English language, and of the 58 ones that have, most belong to Marshall Grover (38 ones).

Our material shows a first peak in the late sixties when most of the British and the American Walt Slade manuscripts were imported to Scandinavia for translation. The Norwegian import of manuscripts from British authors peaks somewhat later, in the late seventies. The import from Australia tells another story, with a first distinct peak in the early seventies followed by a second peak in the late eighties.


The fact that manuscripts were exported to Scandinavia instead of first being placed on the home markets most likely has economical reasons. The paperback market fluctuated in a non-synchronous way and may thus have still flourished in Scandinavia, while suffering from decreased sales in the UK (Holland 1993). The extreme popularity of series like Bill & Ben and Walt Slade in Scandinavia created a high demand for new titles that had to be met by publishers in Australia and the US.

Most likely similar patterns of manuscript import have occurred in the other genres of popular fiction like SF and detective stories, not studied by us. Juri Nummelin (2007) gives some examples from Finnish crime paperbacks. The phenomenon is not unknown among the more established literature, although here the reasons for initial publishing abroad are often of a more political than economical nature. Good examples are to be found among East European dissidents like Solzhenitsyn. Whereas such editions normally are provided with explicit statements saying that they include translations made directly from manuscripts, this information is never to be found in popular fiction. That a translated book constitute a true first edition can here only be established by negative evidence, i.e. the failure in finding an earlier printed edition in the original language.

We encourage readers to try to find earlier printed editions than those included in our list. That the publication dates we give are the earliest that can be found are statements open for falsification. The length of the list, however, makes it seem extremely unlikely that the whole phenomenon of translated first editions is a hoax.

List of titles
The following national codes are used in the list: (AU) Australia, (D) Denmark, (N) Norway, (S) Sweden, (UK) United Kingdom, and (US) USA. Nordic editions are listed first in chronological and if contemporary in alphabetical order. Only the first edition from each country is listed.

The named paperback series belonged to the following publishers: (D) Winther: Bill og Ben, Walt Slade; (N) Bladkompaniet: Stjerneserien; Forlaget For Alle: Big Jim, Bill og Ben; Ingar Weyer Tveitan Forlag: Texas-bok; Williams Forlag: W-Wester; (S) B. Wahlströms Förlag: Mustang; Pingvinförlaget: Bravo, Pingvinbok; Wennerbergs Förlag: Big Jim, Bill och Ben, Prärie-bok, Walt Slade, Wild West-bok.

Australian publication years for Marshall Grover often differ between our two main sources, The Bibliography of Australian Literature and Twentieth-Century Western Writers. We have accepted the earlier dates of the later source and excluded some titles, in spite of the fact that they were published in Scandinavia before the dates given in the first source.

We thank Gunnar Olsen, Haslev, for valuable help in finding information on the Danish western paperbacks.


Adams, Chuck (= John S. Glasby UK 1928–2011,  4 titles)

Shadow of the colt: S 1967, Pingvinbok 452, I coltens skugga.
The bounty rider: S 1967, Pingvinbok 449, Mot alla odds; UK 1971.
Violence trail: S 1967, Pingvinbok 456, Våldets väg.
Who rides with vengeance: S 1965, Pingvinbok 399, Hämnaren; UK 2004 (as by Carl Eddings).

Chisholm, Matt (Peter C. Watts UK 1919-1983, 23 titles)
A Texan death: N 1983, Stjerneserien 1042 (M. Chisholm 119), En texaners død.
Attack!: N 1983 Stjerneserien 999 (M. Chisholm 113), Siste daggry.
Betrayal at Redondo: N 1974, Stjerneserien 562 (McAllister 35), Betal med blod.
Chad McAllister: N 1976, Stjerneserien 623 (M. Chisholm 53), McAllister’s blod.
Death at Rincon: N 1974, Stjerneserien 551 (McAllister 31), Til helvete med McAllister!
Desperate ride: N 1976, Stjerneserien 633 (M. Chisholm 56), Død over McAllister.
Forward, McAllister: N 1974, Stjerneserien 556 (McAllister 33), Seks skudd fra døden.
Hell on a high mountain: N 1977, Stjerneserien 653 (M. Chisholm 62), McAllister’s squaw.
Hurricane Smith: N 1982, Stjerneserien 984 (M. Chisholm 111), Revolvermann.
I’ll be in Denver in the morning: N 1983, Stjerneserien 1013 (M. Chisholm 115), Blodig snø.
I’ll take what trail I damn well please: N 1983, Stjerneserien 1029 (M. Chisholm 117), Dødens land.
Mad-dog McAllister: N 1975, Stjerneserien 596 (M. Chisholm 45), Heng McAllister!
McKulla: N 1984, Stjerneserien 1072 (M. Chisholm 124), McKulla’s krig.
Rawhide McAllister: N 1976, Stjerneserien 640 (M. Chisholm 58), Marshal McAllister.
Southwest of defiance: N 1983, Stjerneserien 1049 (M. Chisholm 120), Leiemorder.
That damned O’Shea: N 1983, Stjerneserien 1067 (M. Chisholm 123), Oppgjør i Dodge City.
The Arizona steal: N 1978, Stjerneserien 725 (M. Chisholm 77), Villkatten.
The green goods game: N 1983 Stjerneserien 1019 (M. Chisholm 116), Falskmyntnerne.
The Laredo assignment: N 1978 Stjerneserien 716 (M. Chisholm 75), Farligt oppdrag; UK 1979.
The Navaho trail: N 1980, Stjerneserien 843 (M. Chisholm 93), Morderbanden; UK 1981.
The theft of the black stallion: N 1983, Stjerneserien 1054 (M. Chisholm 121), Hestetyvene.
The trail to Santa Fe: N 1982, Stjerneserien 974 (M. Chisholm 109), Døden i Santa Fe.
Two for the branding: N 1977, Stjerneserien 680 (M. Chisholm 69), McAllister for Texas!

Cole, Jackson (A. Leslie Scott US 1893–1974, 13 titles)
A ranger rides the death trail: S 1971, Walt Slade 165, Höken jagar bland bergen; US 1972.
Bullet brand: S 1965, Walt Slade 93, Grymmare än döden; D 1966, Walt Slade 86, Kuglemærket; N 1966, Texas-bok 93, Under falsk flagg; US 1967.
Chuck-line rider guns: S 1962, Wild West-bok 53, Död mans guld; D 1963, Walt Slade 44, Blodsporet; N 1963, Texas-bok 44, Klar til handling.
Corpse and cartridge: S 1963, Walt Slade 71, Ormgropen; N 1964, Texas-bok 58, Forfulgt; D 1966, Walt Slade 80, Slangens mærke.
Death rides the river trail: D 1968, Walt Slade 108, Døden på flosporet; S 1968, Walt Slade 135, Flodspåret.
Death to the ranger: S 1969, Walt Slade 151, Död åt Walt Slade; D 1970, Walt Slade 127, Død over rangeren; US 1970.
Grave for a ranger: D 1964, Walt Slade 59, Snigmorderbanden; N 1964, Texas-bok 60, Orkan og død; S 1964, Walt Slade 77, Orkan och död.
Guns and gold: S 1967, Walt Slade 124, Revolvrar och guld; D 1968, Walt Slade 109, Revolvere og guld.
Hot lead: S 1965, Walt Slade 94, Trollkarlen vid Rio Grande; D 1966, Walt Slade 87, Banditten fra El Paso; N 1966, Texas-bok 94, Et hestehode foran; US 1966.
In the shadow death waits: N 1965, Texas-bok 81, I skyggene venter døden; D 1983, Walt Slade 83, Døden venter i skyggen; S 1966, Walt Slade 102, Döden väntar i skuggan.
The dead don’t talk: D 1964, Walt Slade 73, Bandittens løn; N 1964, Texas-bok 77, Rio Grandes skrekk; S 1965, Walt Slade 89, Natten närmar sig.
The death walk: D 1964, Walt Slade 63, I dødbringende krydsild; N 1964, Texas-bok 62, Gjennom ild og vann; S 1964, Walt Slade 79, Vild stad.
The river raiders: N 1967, Texas-bok 110, Elvepiratene; S 1967, Walt Slade 123, Flodbanditerna; D 1968, Walt Slade 103, Flodpiraterne; US 1968.

Grover, Marshall (= Leonard Frank Meares AU 1921–1993, 47 titles)
Alive and dangerous: S 1994, Bill och Ben 446, Farligt leverne.
Bandit bait: D 1972, Bill og Ben 134, Bill og Ben og den blonde bandit; S 1972, Bill och Ben 129, Bill och Ben och svavelpredikanten; AU 1984.
Day of the plunderers: S 1972, Bill och Ben 128, Bill och Ben och en doktor i kjolar; D 1974, Bill og Ben 155, Bill og Ben stopper skurkene; N 1974, Bill og Ben 145, Valget i Prospero; AU 1984.
Dog trail north: S 1994, Bill och Ben 444, Bara trubbel.
Dynamite route: N 1972, Big Jim 62, Dynamittbanden; S 1972, Big Jim 62, Explosivt spår.
Find Garroway: S 1994, Bill och Ben 441, Jakten på Garroway.
Fontaine’s sidekicks: D 1986, Bill og Ben 291, Bill og Ben straffer de skyldige; S 1986, Bill och Ben 312, Bill och Ben och dubbelmördaren; N 1996, Bill og Ben 402, Farlig hjemkomst; AU 1987.
Greenback fever: D 1970, Bill og Ben 107, Bill og Ben redder guldgraveren; N 1970, Bill og Ben 107, 100000$; S 1970, Bill och Ben 98, Bill och Ben och dollarfebern; AU 1985.
Harrigan’s star: S 1986, Bill och Ben 314, Bill och Ben går över gränsen; D 1987, Bill og Ben 301, Bill og Ben gør uret god igen; AU 1987.
Hell in high country: N 1972, Big Jim 60, Rømlingen; S 1972, Prärie-bok 132, Helvetet i bergen; AU 1984.
Heroes and hellers: N 1972, Bill og Ben 131, Farlig løgn; S 1972, Bill och Ben 125, Bill och Ben gör allt för kvinnan; D 1974, Bill og Ben 148, Bill og Ben befrier bladmanden; AU 1984.
Hostage hunters: D 1988, Bill og Ben 328, Bill og Ben rydder røverreden; S 1988, Bill och Ben 344, Kidnapparna; AU 1989.
It had to be Ortega: S 1986, Bill och Ben 315, Bill och Ben och finansmannen; D 1987, Bill og Ben 305, Bill og Ben frelser finansmanden; AU 1987.
Kincaid’s last ride: D 1972, Bill og Ben 135, Bill og Ben griber guldrøverne; S 1972, Bill och Ben 127, Bill och Ben och den försvunna kartan; N 1973, Bill og Ben 134, Kampen om Taggarts gull; AU 1984.
Night of the guns: S 1972, Bill och Ben 123, Bill och Ben tummar på lagen; D 1974, Bill og Ben 153, Bill og Ben belønner bankrøverne; AU 1985.
Queen of spades: S 1987, Bill och Ben 332, Bill och Ben och den spanska skatten; D 1988, Bill og Ben 324, Bill og Ben gætter den gamle gåde; N 1995, Bill og Ben 398, Gullskatten; AU 1988.
Reunion in San Jose: D 1972, Bill og Ben 131, Bill og Ben frelser fire fortabte; S 1972, Bill och Ben 122, Bill och Ben och familjen Riggs; N 1974, Bill og Ben 148, Forfulgt av mordere; AU 1984.
Rough route to Rodd County: D 1971, Bill og Ben 115, Bill og Ben banker banditter; S 1971, Bill och Ben 104, Bill och Ben tappar tålamodet; N 1998, Bill og Ben 419, Med hilsen fra Bill og Ben; AU 1986.
Salvo Pass: S 1994, Bill och Ben 448, Fångarna i Salvo Pass.
Save a bullet for Keehoe: D 1972, Bill og Ben 133, Bill og Ben vogter vennen; S 1972, Bill och Ben 119, Bill och Ben och en kula för Keehoe; N 1973, Bill og Ben 133, Kuleregn mot Keehoe; AU 1983.
Six guilty men: D 1971, Bill og Ben 116, Bill og Ben straffer seks skyldige; S 1971, Bill och Ben 105, Bill och Ben och sex fula fiskar; N 1999, Bill og Ben 422, Seks skyldige menn; AU 1986.
Sixty seconds to live: S 1993, Bill och Ben 430, Dåliga odds.
Stay away, Slade!: S 1973, Bill och Ben 131, Bill och Ben och krutdurken; D 1974, Bill og Ben 149, Bill og Ben og ni nervøse nævninge; N 1974, Bill og Ben 146, Han svor hevn; AU 1984.
Tanglefoot: S 1972, Bill och Ben 130, Bill och Ben och gröngölingen; D 1973, Bill og Ben 136, Bill og Ben og den fummelfingrede frier; AU 1983.
Ten fast horses: N 1971, Big Jim 54, Ti raske hester; S 1972, Big Jim 61, Tio snabba hästar; AU 1984.
The alibi trail: S 1970, Bill och Ben 103, Bill och Ben och skuggan av galgen; D 1971, Bill og Ben 113, Bill og Ben skaffer vidner; N 1999, Bill og Ben 424, De tre vitnene; AU 1986.
The badge of Tully McGlynn: D 1971, Bill og Ben 117, Bill og Ben støtter sheriffen; S 1971, Bill och Ben 106, Bill och Ben och Tully McGlynn; AU 1986.
The best and the worst: S 1973, Bill och Ben 140, Bill och Ben och den svarta ligan; D 1974, Bill og Ben 151, Bill og Ben befrier byen; AU 1985.
The bridegroom’s bodyguards: S 1987, Bill och Ben 323, Bill och Ben skyddar en brudgum; D 1988, Bill og Ben 323, Bill og Ben bringer brudgommen hjem; AU 1988.
The Cannon Mound Gang: S 1973, Bill och Ben 133, Bill och Ben och fyra fega figurer; N 1974, Bill og Ben 147, En by i bandittenes vold; AU 1985.
The devil’s dozen: N 1972, Bill og Ben 132, Spøkelsesbyen på Blodåsen; S 1972, Bill och Ben 126, Bill och Ben är rädda om skalperna; D 1973, Bill og Ben 137, Bill og Ben på det blodige Bjerg; AU 1984.
The dude must die: S 1972, Bill och Ben 120, Bill och Ben och det svarta fåret; D 1974, Bill og Ben 154, Bill och Ben duperer døgenigten; N 1976, Bill og Ben 178, Bill og Ben som livvakter; AU 1983.
The last shot fired: S 1992, Bill och Ben 422, Den sista kulan; N 1994, Bill og Ben 390, Henging ved daggry.
The Logantown looters: D 1970, Bill og Ben 109, Bill og Ben fanger falskmønterne; S 1970, Bill och Ben 99, Bill och Ben och profeten i Logantown; N 1998, Bill og Ben 418, Dommens profet; AU 1986.
The Piketown flood: D 1972, Bill och Ben 132, Bill og Ben og syndfloden; S 1972, Bill och Ben 121, Bill och Ben och syndafloden; AU 1983.
The saga of Sam Burdew: D 1974, Bill og Ben 144, Bill og Ben undsætter ungerne; S 1974, Bill och Ben 146, Bill och Ben i storfamilj; AU 1983.
The second-chance man: D 1988, Bill og Ben 327, Bill og Ben bliver blødgjort; S 1988, Bill och Ben 343, Kupp med förhinder; AU 1989.
The sound of Seeger’s guns: D 1973, Bill og Ben 139, Bill och Ben gætter gåden; N 1973, Bill og Ben 137, Sheriffens revolver; S 1973, Bill och Ben 135, Bill och Ben och det levande spöket; AU 1984.
Travelling rough: S 1992, Bill och Ben 421, Envis som synden; N 1994, Bill og Ben 391, Farlig reise.
Trigger-fast: S 1973, Bill och Ben 134, Bill och Ben som kvinnojägare; AU 1985.
Two gentlemen from Texas: S 1970, Bill och Ben 102, Bill och Ben och skönheten; D 1971, Bill og Ben 114, Bill og Ben massakrerer morderne; AU 1985.
Vengeance for Valentine: S 1993, Bill och Ben 425, Tid för hämnd; N 1994, Bill og Ben 386, Hevnen er søt.
Ventura Pass: D 1972, Bill og Ben 129, Bill og Ben besegrer bankrøverne; S 1972, Bill och Ben 124, Bill och Ben och de nio bankrånarna; N 1975, Bill og Ben 166, Venturapasset; AU 1984.
Whiskey Gulch: D 1970, Bill og Ben 110, Bill og Ben på guldjagt; S 1970, Bill och Ben 101, Bill och Ben och arvtagerskan; AU 1985.
Wild night in Widow’s Peak: S 1973, Bill och Ben 139, Bill och Ben och den livliga natten; N 1974, Bill og Ben 153, Likene i Widow’s Peak; D 1975, Bill og Ben 158, Bill og Ben fanger forbryderen; AU 1985.
Wyoming gun-trap: D 1973, Bill og Ben 140, Bill og Ben klarer kidnapperne; S 1973, Bill och Ben 136, Bill och Ben och mellan två eldar; AU 1984.
Wyoming war-fever: D 1987, Bill og Ben 317, Bill og Ben ordner obersten; S 1987, Bill och Ben 327, Bill och Ben och guldets förbannelse; AU 1988.

Hunter, Neil
(= Michael R. Linaker UK 1940-, 9 titles)
"Hardcase": N 1978, Stjerneserien 701 (Brand 2), Dødens marshal; UK 1997.
Brotherhood of evil: N 1978, Stjerneserien 717 (Brand 6), De ondes liga; UK 2000.
Day of the guns: N 1978, Stjerneserien 710 (Brand 4), Blindt hat; UK 2000.
Devil’s gold: N 1978, Stjerneserien 730 (Brand 8), Satans gull; UK 2010.
Gun for hire: N 1978, Stjerneserien 695 (Brand 1), Revolver til leie; UK 1996.
Gunloose: N 1978, Stjerneserien 737 (Brand 9), Blodig snø; UK 2015 [ebook as High Kill ].
Kill!: N 1978, Stjerneserien 714 (Brand 5), Leiemorder; UK 1998 [as High Country Kill].
Legacy of evil: N 1978, Stjerneserien 724 (Brand 7), Død manns bøddel; UK 2005.
Lobo: N 1978, Stjerneserien 706 (Brand 3), Villdyret; UK 1997.

Kincaid, Matt (=Thomas Charles Packham Webb UK 1908–1973, 24 titles)
Cactus Casanova: S 1968, Bravo 76, Cactus Casanova.
Death Valley round-up: S 1969, Bravo 94, Blod och hetta; N 1972, Westhouse 14, Prærieslangene.
Devil’s River dead fall: S 1969, Bravo 93, Bössor, blod och barmar; N 1972, Westhouse 15, Våpenbanden.
Federal mission: S 1968, Bravo 71, De samvetslösa.
Ghost rider: S 1969, Bravo 82, Död och passioner.
Gun smoke Jezebel: S 1968, Bravo 77, Manslukerskan.
Guns of vengeance: S 1969, Bravo 84, Judas i kjolar; N 1971, Westhouse 4, Sheriff uten stjerne; UK 1972.
Hellfire Gulch: S 1969, Bravo 90, Helvetesklyftan.
Hellion trail: S 1968, Bravo 73, Kansas avskum.
Lawless reckoning: S 1968, Bravo 75, Liderlig hämnd.
Massacre Canyon war: S 1968, Bravo 72, Farliga frifräsare.
Outlaw feud: S 1969, Bravo 88, Passionerad hämnd.
Prairie outcast: S 1968, Bravo 78, Texasorgier.
Renegade rangehawk: S 1969, Bravo 85, Skjutjärn och passioner; N 1971, Westhouse 6, Avtalt spill.
Shadow of hate: S 1970, Bravo 96, Hat utan hejd; N 1971, Westhouse 8, Terror i Snake Canyon.
Star of evil: S 1970, Bravo 95, Terrorsyndikatet [orig. titel feltryckt som Shadow of hate]; UK 1971.
Texas fury: S 1969, Bravo 89, Texaspassioner; N 1971, Westhouse 11, Lidenskap i Texas; Italy 1971.
The beast of Bull Basin: S 1968, Bravo 80, Sexnidingen.
The deadly drifter: S 1969, Bravo 86, Människo-djävulen.
The devil’s deputy: S 1969, Bravo 83, Kvinnoskändaren.
The Fourflushers: S 1968, Bravo 74, Hämndens väg.
The top gun: S 1968, Bravo 79, Kvinnogalen sheriff.
Wanted – dead or alive: S 1968, Bravo 81, Efterlyst - död eller levande.
Wyoming – woman killer: S 1970, Bravo 98, Kvinnomördaren; N 1971, Westhouse 12, Hva betyr en kvinne?

Kirby, Tex (= John S. Glasby UK 1928–2011, 18 titles)
Ambush trail: S 1973, Mustang 171, Lando i staden bortom lagen.
Badlands raiders: S 1969, Mustang 141, Lando slår till; N 1972, Brad Lando 3, Lando slår til.
Brand of the Colt: S 1970, Mustang 150, Lando gör rent hus; N 1972, Brad Lando 7, Lando gjør rent bord.
Bullwhip breed: S 1975, Mustang 189, Skjut först, Lando.
Gun fever: S 1975, 187, En kula för Lando.
Gunhawk breed: S 1969, Mustang 139, Lando rensar stan; N 1971, Brad Lando 2, Lando rydder byen.
Guns of the Bravos: S 1973, Mustang 177, Lando slår tillbaka.
Gunsmoke harvest: S 1975, Mustang 191, Lando i dödlig duell.
Rawhide brand: S 1972, Mustang 169, Ge ingen nåd, Lando.
Ride to fury: S 1969, Mustang 145, Lando – hämnaren; N 1972, Brad Lando 5, Lando tar offensiven.
Shadow of the noose: S 1970, Mustang 154, Lando i staden utan lag; N 1972, Brad Lando 8, Lando i hardt vær.
The dawn riders: S 1974, Mustang 179, Lando utmanar döden.
The last feud: S 1974, Mustang 183, Lando och duellen i El Diablo.
The rope hangs high: S 1976, Mustang 195, Lando i galgens skugga.
Thunder at Tombstone: S 1969, Mustang 143, Lando spelar högt; N 1972, Brad Lando 4, Lando spiller høyt.
Trial by gunsmoke: S 1969, Mustang 137, Lando den hårde; N 1971, Brad Lando 1, Lando sier nei.
Wildcat breed: S 1971, Mustang 163, Lando tar hämnd.
Wolf pack: S 1970, Mustang 147, Lando tar hem spelet; N 1972, Brad Lando 6, Lando tar siste stikk.

Ross, Angus (Kenneth Giggal UK 1927-, 1 title)
Sagarro: S 1981, Mustang 236, Sagarro dödens stad.

Shane, Victor (Victor G.C. Norwood UK 1920–1983, 5 titles)
Gun trail to damnation: S 1970, Bravo 99, Hämnaren från Yuma; N 1971, Westhouse 5, En kule i ryggen.
Texan trouble-shooter: S 1970, Pingvinbok 534, Jagad för mord; N 1972, Skuddserien 3, Fredløs rytter.
The hellions: S 1969, Bravo 87, Älskog och krutrök.
The hellriders: S 1970, Bravo 97, Död i dynamit; N 1971, Westhouse 7, Banditten.
The lawman: S 1969, Bravo 91, Tuff till tusen; N 1971, Westhouse 9, Tøff som pokker!

Wade, Bill (Geoffrey John Barrett UK 1928–1999)
The bounty trail: S 1970, Pingvin 529, Prisjägare; N 1971, W-Western 6, Gjengjeldelsens time.


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