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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Ten British comics that could be turned into movies

Inspired by a column published by Tuppence Magazine on Saturday, here are my suggestions for ten characters from British comics that should be made into movies, or maybe into a 13-part Netflix series. You're welcomes to disagree and compile your own list. These are in no particular order.

1 – The Steel Claw
I have a penchant for noir crime fiction, for thrillers and for science fiction, and The Steel Claw combined all three. The artwork by Jesus Blasco (aided by his brothers) was superb and Tom Tully was a writer of extraordinary power. When I look back at the strips I remember most fondly from my childhood, Tully's name comes up time and time again.

2 – The Trigan Empire
This would make an epic movie if made on the scale that some movie-makers now put into battle scenes. Think big—think Lord of the Rings scale—with a Viet Nam-style war going on by which I mean low tech vs. high tech... swords against the lightning!

3 – Spinball
Forget Harlem Heroes (sorry Tuppence Magazine), let's get back to something with some guts. OK, so the guts were twisted around broken motorbike parts and pinball flippers, but few bloodthirsty teenage boys would be able to resist this variation of Rollerball.

4 – Wilson / Tough of the Tracks
The epic stories of Wilson the Wonder Athlete and Alf Tupper—the Tough of the Tracks, would be an inspiration at a time when there are more obese people in the world than underweight. After the government dropped the ball following huge public response to sports following the Olympics, one of these needs to be greenlit and filmed in time for the Rio Olympics.

5 — Zenith
I was going to suggest Marvelman – not Mick Anglo's original, which was only barely original, but the revived version by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman – but if there's even the tiniest chance Zack Snyder would direct it, I'd rather not take the risk. Instead, what about Grant Morrison's Zenith. Deadpool proved that it can be done.

6 – Charley's War
We've had many epics based around World War II and some – All Quiet on the Western Front and Paths of Glory spring immediately to mind – based on the Great War. This would probably be better as a series, with multiple storylines woven out of what happens to Charley's family both in the trenches and at home.

7 – HMS Nightshade
I almost suggested Darkie's Mob, but that might just be a bit too harrowing! Nightshade has the advantage that it is being told by a survivor, which might temper the horror that the sailors are forced to go through as they risk everything against U-Boats, ice and the cruel, cruel sea.

8 – Gulliver Guinea Pig
This one is completely left of field but we haven't considered animation yet and I'd love to see what Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli would make of these charming, funny stories for youngsters.

9 – Heros the Spartan
A good, old-fashioned historical epic with a hint of the supernatural played out on the kind of scale Ridley Scott could get his teeth into. A close second would be Wulf the Briton.

10 – Bash Street Kids
I don't know how it could be done but we need some Leo Baxendale zaniness in our lives. Perhaps the people currently doing Danger Mouse could have a go.


Phil Rushton said...

Aren't you confusing William Wilson with Alf Tupper (the original 'Tough of the Track') Steve - or was that a deliberate conflation?

Other than that I can't argue with your selections, though I'd also love to see a Ray Harryhausen style epic based on 'Wrath of the Gods' from Boys' World!

Steve said...

I meant to write about both, but ended up conflating them into one. Hopefully it's clearer now.

geoff harrison said...

Wrath Of The Gods and The Trigan Empire would be great to see as movies.
Also the Rick Random stories from Super Detective Lib.and in particular the issue The Planet Of Lost Men (SDL No.79.)