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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Commando issues 4871-4874

Commando issues on sale 17 December 2015.

Commando No 4871 – Hard Trouble
Imagine going up against squadrons of virtually indestructible German tanks — made of incredibly strong armour that can withstand blasts from the most powerful explosive shells.
   The Convict Commandos were tasked with preventing this nightmare scenario. Aided by Doctor Jane Mallory of the Office of Scientific Investigation, their latest mission was to sabotage an underground military complex in Northern Czechoslovakia where the steel was being manufactured in secret.
   They really were in the heat of the battle this time…

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet

Commando No 4872 – Achtung – Submarine!
The submarine Arrowhead had taken a pounding. Leaking and helpless, the vessel couldn’t even submerge into the safety of the depths.
   Many a crew would have abandoned ship, but not Bob Mitchell and his men. They ran her into an enemy harbour to carry on the fight from there.
   The sub was dead in the water but her crew weren’t — and they would never surrender.

With this fortnight’s Gold and Silver classics, I thought it might be in interesting to compare the work of the same artist but 25 years apart — and so veteran artist C.T. Rigby is in the spotlight.
   This curio from fifty years ago sees a plucky Royal Navy submarine crew take over a small Italian village in a desperate bid to hold off their German enemies. Rigby skilfully illustrates the claustrophobic sub interiors and sea action, as well as skirmishes on land and an aerial attack.
   To see more of Rigby’s fantastic, bold art, please see our current Silver title, “Men Of Steel”, (No 4874)—Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Story: Skentleberry
Art: C.T. Rigby
Cover: Ken Barr
Achtung – Submarine! Originally Commando No 182 (September 1965)

Commando No 4873 – The Nightmare Fort
Commander Ben Carter, RN, was on a secret mission for the Admiralty. He and his Motor Torpedo Boat crew were to rescue a secret agent — codenamed “Grey Falcon” — from the clutches of the Nazis on the French coast.
   When they were ambushed, Ben started to wonder if he had a traitor in his midst.
   Adrift in a lifeboat, Ben and the survivors unexpectedly chanced upon an imposing, Napoleonic sea fort and the mystery of what happened to their mission suddenly deepened…

Story: Dominic Teague
Art: Keith Page
Cover: Keith Page

Commando No 4874 – Men Of Steel
Three blades of steel, tempered and honed to razor-sharpness — Bob Lee had his dagger, and there was a Gurkha kukri and a Japanese Samurai sword…in the hands of men they did not belong to.
   Any of these blades could kill at a stroke — but a greater danger lay in the equally deadly weapons carried by a gang of avenging Malayan bandits.
   These ‘Men Of Steel’ were a foe you would meet only in your worst nightmare…

With this fortnight’s Silver and Gold classics, I thought it might be in interesting to compare the work of the same artist but 25 years apart — and so veteran artist C.T. Rigby is in the spotlight.
   This taut tale from 1990 is excellently drawn by Rigby, who is capable of moody, moonlight atmospherics in the night scenes, as well as no-nonsense action amongst the dense foliage of the jungle.
   To see more of Rigby’s fantastic, bold art, but in a tough, sea story — please see our current Gold title, “Achtung – Submarine!”, (No 4872)—Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Story: C.G. Walker
Art: C.T. Rigby
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Men Of Steel, originally Commando No 2382 (June 1990)

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