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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Commando issues 4867-4870

Commando issues on sale 3 December 2015.

Commando No 4867 – Five Mile Snipers
It was the ultimate insult, being called “Five Mile Snipers” — with a sneering tone this phrase accused artillery gunners of being tucked safely out of harm’s way, a large distance from the front line.
   After a run-in with American Army Ranger officer, Sergeant Stan Wilkins, who was in charge of a battery of 25-pounder guns, certainly resented the implication that he and his new crew were cowards. Stan was determined to disprove this and embarked on a deadly mission to hunt down a group of ruthless German paratroopers…

Story: George Low
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover: Carlos Pino

Commando No 4868 – Floating Fortress
They were Fleet Air Arm pilots on a carrier, Mike Scott, “Frenchy” Lafarge and the giant Red Knight. In the air they made a great team, but then their carrier was damaged, and they were forced to land with empty tanks on a desert island!
   Mike wanted to organise the warlike natives into a private army to fight the Japanese occupying the island.
   Big Red flexed his powerful hands and wanted to carry on his own personal feud against the enemy.
   Poor Frenchy didn’t know who to follow. While they argued and the baffled natives watched — the Japanese were closing in…

Going purely by Ken Barr’s wonderfully dynamic cover, you would imagine that you’re in for an air-sea extravaganza — and that’s certainly true of the first 10 pages or so, which are packed with some astonishing aerial action.
   Soon afterwards, however, the story changes gears and becomes instead a taut tale of jungle guerrilla warfare and survival — one that still packs a real punch, half a century after it was first published.–Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Story: Bounds
Art: James
Cover: Ken Barr
Originally Commando No 172 (July 1965), re-issued as No 855 (July 1974)

Commando No 4869 – Into The Fire
After a series of misadventures, US Army mechanic Justice Wade somehow found himself serving with a Soviet Penal Company armoured unit. His Matilda tank was one of a group of vehicles deemed expendable enough to act as decoys to draw the fire of their enemy, fearsome German Panther tanks.
   To make things even more dangerous, Justice had been promoted from mechanic to driver and he had no combat experience. He and his rag-tag crew were thrust into the fire of battle — and there was every chance that they would crash and burn…

Story: Stephen Walsh
Art: Vila
Cover: Janek Matysiak

Commando No 4870 – Point Of No Return
The mission was simple — bomb a Polish refinery making vital cold-weather fuel additives for the German army.
   The target was easy — almost no anti-aircraft defences, as it was too far away for Allied bombers to get there and back.
   This was launched one of the most daring adventures of the war — a game of bluff and double-bluff — as Major Barry Crofton and a small band of Free Polish troops tried to ensure that the bombers would fly home again once their job was done…

This is a great example of a “men-on-a-mission” Commando book. Captain Jan Kaminski, a headstrong, borderline insubordinate, Free Polish Forces commander meets his match in no-nonsense M.I.5 operative, Major Barry Crofton. In true Commando style they clash with each other before their mission has even begun.
   Author Alan Hebden knows exactly how to keep the drama and action moving along at a great pace. Ably illustrated by Keith Shone, Point Of No Return is perfectly topped off with a stunning Ian Kennedy cover.–Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Keith Shone
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No 2358 (March 1990)

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