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Friday, December 11, 2015

Comic Cuts - 11 December 2015

A short post this week due to deadlines on Hotel Business. I haven't had much free time this week due to the magazine being pushed back in the schedule to avoid a bottleneck in the production of other magazines at our studio. Unfortunately, it also means I'm at the busiest point of production on this issue just as I need to be commissioning features for the next, which I'm trying to pull ahead on so I don't have to work over Christmas and New Year.

Next week is also going to be a bugger, so don't expect too much of me.

I did get a chance to clean up a few Carl Wilton covers for this week's random scans and I should have a little piece gathering up what few facts I know about Wilton up over the weekend. And maybe a little cover gallery if I get a chance. Fingers crossed.


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