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Llops is something of a mystery artist. I have not heard of him as an artist outside of Commando, although the period he worked for them (1976-79) was a period that introduced many new names, especially from Spain and Argentina.

I wonder if Llops is a pseudonym—I believe it is Catalan for "wolf". Could this be an artist doing a little work on the side for a different agency? He produced only 15 issues and disappears after only three years.

A quick note: the three samples below are from "Gurkhas to the Rescue" (Commando 4808, May 2015), which reprints a 1978 title. The cover shown above is by Ian Kennedy, not Llops.

Jungle Gypsy (Commando 1057, Aug 1976, by Bernard Gregg)
The Gold of Greece (Commando 1069, Oct 1976, by Daniel)
Across the Border (Commando 1086, Dec 1976, by R. A. Montague)
The Invaders (Commando 1101, Feb 1977, by C. G. Walker)
Crack of Doom (Commando 1121, Apr 1977, by Alan Hebden)
The Diamond Smuggler (Commando 1138, Jun 1977, by Bernard Gregg)
Generals Four (Commando 1169, Oct 1977, by C. G. Walker)
Trail of Terror (Commando 1184, Dec 1977, by C. G. Walker)
Prisoner (Commando 1206, Mar 1978, by R. A. Montague)
Gurkhas to the Rescue (Commando 1225, May 1978, by Bernard Gregg)
Raise the Alarm (Commando 1248, Aug 1978, by R. A. Montague)
Courage Comes First (Commando 1266, Oct 1978, by C. G. Walker)
The Ghosts (Commando 1289, Jan 1979, by Bryan Perrett)
Family of Cowards (Commando 1317, May 1979, by C. G. Walker)
Enemy in Sight! (Commando 1338, Jul 1979, by R. A. Montague)

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