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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ian Kennedy's Scalextric Catalogue

When Hornby celebrated their 25th annual Scalextric catalogue in 1983, they celebrated in style with a series of stunning illustrations by none other than Ian Kennedy. The front cover is quite a well-known image as it has been posted around the web on a number of occasions. However, Kennedy also supplied a number of illustrations inside the catalogue, which made innovative use of mixing art and photography.

The following year's catalogue wasn't nearly as exciting. The cover art—which you'll find below the Kennedy artwork—was by Leonard. Leonard who?



Staz Johnson said...

Beautifully evocative artwork (I loved Scalextric as a kid). The 'Blowout' page especially brings to mind Saturday afternoons watching 'rally cross' on World Of Sport', I hope those track marshals got out of the way! The Spiderman page begs the question: "would Ian Kennedy have been responsible for the actual Spiderman images, or would they have been supplied by Marvel?". It's a superbly 'on model' rendering of the character, akin to Romita senior, & makes one wonder what a Spidey story drawn by Kennedy would have looked like.

David said...


Those Spider-Man images look like John Romita drawings to me, ones which have often been used.