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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The author of a single issue of Commando in the early 1970s, when I decided to take a look into the author, I stumbled across an author of the same surname who sounded promising. It soon became clear I was on the wrong path, but in this case I think it's worth showing my workings.

Marcus Dailly recently had his first novel published. A Fate Better Than Life (CillEll Publications, 2013)—a description of which can be found here:

A back-cover biography reveals the following: Dailly was born in Dundee and started life as a professional footballer, playing in Scotland, England and Ireland, before studying English and Psychology at Dundee University.

He worked as a journalist with a leading Scottish news agency before turning his attention to teaching. He now lives in Dublin, where he worked as a teacher of English and Physical Education. An Irish newspaper, The Argus, carried a brief interview with the author when his novel was published.

Now, the story below is NOT by Marcus Dailly, who was born 1 October 1975, but the urge to write and the Dundee connection makes me wonder whether it was a relative of Dailly's who was responsible for the comic. (Marcus Dailly, incidentally, is the brother of footballer Christian Dailly.)


Comic Strips
Gallant Enemy, illus. Amador (Commando 712, Jan 1973; rpt Commando 1908, Jul 1985)

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