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Monday, April 13, 2015

Alan C. Jenkins

Alan C. Jenkins was the author of seven stories in Look and Learn in 1967, a minor contribution from a prolific nature writer.

Born Alan Charles Jenkins in Woodford, Essex, on 2 July 1912 (although he later claimed in The Author's and Writer's Who's Who it was 1914), and was educated at King Edward VI School. He served with the R.N.V.R. during the Second World War but was otherwise a writer and editor his whole career.

His earliest known writing was "Tales of Hatchetty Hollow", a 5-part series of children's stories broadcast on the radio in 1934. He contributed heavily to The Boy's Own Paper for over nearly thirty years and was their regular book reviewer in the late 1950s, although he continued to write stories for the paper under the name John Bancroft. He also wrote for adults, his stories appearing in Blackwood's, The Countryman and through the Central Office of Information.

Jenkins was a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers on the subject of nature and was a member of the Zoological Society, the Fauna Preservation Society, the Mammal Society and The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Jan Morris reviewed his Wildlife in the City (The Times, 4 Dec 1982), which she called "quaint and charming":
This is full of curious knowledge, imparted in a cosy, tea-time tone of voice, and illustrated with photographs often of an engaging irrelevance. We learn about muskrats of New York, badgers of Wimbledon Common, lemmings in Oslo. We are told that 200 fox litters have been recorded in Bristol, and that polar bears frequent Canadian rubbish-dumps these days. Fancy that, we exclaim: and kind Mr Jenkins, reaching for another crumpet, moves in to the rats of Pisa...
Jenkins lived for many years at Pear Trees, Belstone, Okehampton, Devon, where he died in 1996, aged 83. He was survived by his wife, Nancy Letitia Whitaker Bovill (who died in 2011, aged 96), and two step-children from her previous marriage to Lt. R. J. O. O'Neill-Roe, RN, Susan and Siano.

Original colour artwork by Kenneth Lilly 


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