Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Another little known Commando artist who illustrated a handful of issues. There's a strong chance that there were actually two artists of the same name who contributed. I have a copy of Big Guy (Commando 92, Nov 1963) but I haven't managed to find any of the later issues.

Whether these are all by the same artist or not, my question is: "Who was Castro?" or, maybe, "Who were the two Castros?" Anyone?

The following issues are possibly by another artist. If anyone has any scans from these issues, I'd love to see them.
The Last Flight (Commando 1097, Jan 1977)
Trial by Combat (Commando 1124, May 1977)
Never Too Late (Commando 1136, Jun 1977)
Wings Over the Desert (Commando 1157, Sep 1977)
Man on the Run (Commando 1172, Nov 1977)
The Black Pagoda (Commando 1190, Jan 1978)
Jungle Secret (Commando 1213, Apr 1978)
Mystery from the Past (Commando 1229, Jun 1978)
A Game of Chance (Commando 1253, Sep 1978)
Enemy Territory (Commando 1271, Nov 1978)
No Way Back (Commando 1293, Feb 1979)

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  1. Lambiek have four artists called Castro listed. J. L. Castro's style looks like a possible match, but Lambiek don't seem to know anything about him other than he was Argentinian and drew for "Bucaneros" in the 50s. Found an ebay ad for original art by an Argentinian artist called Juan Lucas Castro, who it seems to identify as the same artist as Lambiek's J. L. Castro, and adds a few more Argentinian comics he worked on.

    The other Castros on Lambiek are: Juan A Castro (Spain), Nar Castro (Philippines), and Roberto Castro (Peru), who certainly isn't your Commando artist.



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