Wednesday, May 28, 2014


You wait for years for a movie based on a British comic strip character and then three turn up almost at once. Following Judge Dredd (2012) and Frank* (2014), the official poster reveals that Elstree Studio Productions plan to release Bananaman in 2015.

Bananaman was created by David Donaldson and Steve Bright and first appeared in Nutty issue 1 on 16 February 1980. This parody of Batman and Superman was drawn by John Geering who took the strip into the pages of The Dandy in 1985 and continued to draw the strip until his death in 1999. Barrie Appleby, Tom Paterson and co-creator Steve Bright drew the strips before it switched to reprints in 2007-10, bar a number of new strips by Appleby and Chris McGhie in 2008.

The strip was revamped by Wayne Thompson in 2010, who continues to draw the strip today in the pages of The Beano.

Bananaman starred in his own annual and was also a popular TV cartoon character (voiced by Graeme Garden of The Goodies) with his own show on the BBC in 1983 to 1986.

Further details—the name of the scriptwriter, the director, actors, etc.—have yet to be revealed, so I'm guessing that it won't be early 2015.

* Frank Sidebottom may have been a real person but he was also a comic strip character, drawn by Frank in the pages of Oink!.

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