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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Steve Moore: Fabulous Beasts

This is an interview I did with Steve Moore back in 2000 when he returned to regularly writing comics after a fifteen-year break. I used a pen-name (Neil Cooper, a veteran of Comic World) because I was also editing the paper and didn't want people to think I was just promoting the work of a friend. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with one of Britain's finest comics scribes.

(* © Steve Holland 2000)


Norman Boyd said...

Yes but why "Neil Cooper",Steve? And did you write these?

Steve said...

Most of the pen-names I used were in magazines I edited - it gave the illusion that the contents were selected from a range of authors rather than desperately put together by the editor because he had no budget! No, I didn't write books, only features.

And names tended to be two from the nearest shelf, so it was a combination of Neil Gaiman and Richard Cooper... that kind of thing.