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Friday, March 28, 2014

Comic Cuts - 28 March 2014

The introduction for the Countdown to TV Action book sailed past 20,000 words earlier in the week and I still have some way to go. The first 13,000 words are even in the right order! The rest are made up of large chunks of notes and some finished sections that still need to be linked together . . . and you'll be pleased to hear that there is some element of "counting down" within the introduction. Or you may not even care.

Next week I'm hoping that I can even start thinking about the layout of the pages and putting together a cover. Does anyone know of any surviving pages from Countdown or TV Action in the hands of fans?

Random scans . . . I fancied a break last night, so I've cleaned up a few more covers from gangster yarns published back in the early 1950s. Griff and Ben Sarto have been almost regulars here over the past month, since I put up two articles on Kindle (you can find them at the Bear Alley Books page). From the top we have Bullets for Snoopers by Griff (Modern Fiction, 1953) with a cover by Len Potts, Chicago Dames by Ben Sarto (Modern Fiction, 1946) with a cover by H. W. Perl, One False Move by Ricky Drayton (Milestone Publications, 1954) with a cover by Len Gard, and Handle With Care by Hans Lugar (Scion, 1952) with a cover by ... well, I don't know, but I like it!

Coming Soon: a new Paul Temple adventure. If I have time over the weekend I'll get to work on the scans. I might not be able to start it running from Monday, but I'll do my best.

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