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Sunday, March 02, 2014

China Mieville Cover Gallery revisted

I'm grateful to Tom who left a message on my original China Mieville cover gallery. He sent me a link to the Out There Books blog and an article on the Czech editions of China Mieville's novels, all of which have awesome covers by Edward Miller rather than the covers by Crush that we have had in the UK during a rebranding exercise at Pan Macmillan. The Laser Books New Weird line is definitely worth a look if you're a fan of Edward Miller as he has produced covers for other authors.

As an extra bonus, I've dug around Les Edwards' website and found some of the original paintings. The site is well worth visiting as it contains many other images and higher quality versions of the images below.

Nádraží Perdido (Perdito Street Station)

Jizva (The Scar)

Železná rada (Iron Council)

Král Krysa (King Rat)
(Originally for Night Scape by David Morrell, Subterranean Press)

Pátrání po Jakeovi a jiné příběhy (Looking For Jake and Other Stories)
(Cover used in UK for The Tain, PS Publishing)

Un Lun Dun

Město a město (The City & the City)


Ambasadov (Embassytown)

Kolejmoří (Railsea)

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