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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Gary Brandner's Big Brain

The Big Brain 1: The Aardvark Affair by Gary Brandner
Mews Books 452-00007-6, May 1976, 160pp, 40p. Cover by Tim White
Colin Garrett, a Super Hero withe Super IQ Powes. A mind instantly capable of separating complex truth from compound lies, spotting disaster and crime still in the making.
    America's highest level spy operation, Agency Zero, thrust him into the Aardvark case – a top secret project which has turned three Agency people into mental vegetables.
    Garrett's vast intelligence and lightning reaction is needed to break up a formidable international threat to the peace of the world.
The Big Brain 2: The Beelzebub Business by Gary Brandner
Mews Books 452-00030-0, August 1976, 159pp, 45p. Cover by Tim White
Colin Garrett is the Super Hero with the highest I.Q. ever seen ... and the man with a brain faster than a computer, called in as special agent only for the most impossible missions.
    This time it's hell on earth for Colin – almost literally. He's assigned to investigate the President's Chief Adviser on Foreign Affairs and finds himself in the Beelzebub Club...
    ... a haven of sex and Satanism for Senators – possibly a front for enemy political activists. When Colin comes up against the leader he finds his super brain-power matched by a mind shield of a man who is likely to destroy him!
The Big Brain 3: Energy Zero by Gary Brandner
(no UK paperback)

1 comment:

Steven Docker said...

I first came across the these in the mid to late 70s when as a teenager I bought the Aardvark affair on a holiday to Bude. Loved it and always remembered it. Fast forward to 2PM today when I looked for these online at amazon. Sadly not available for kindle although quite a lot of other works by Brandner are. Also found out on Wikipedia that he died last month. So finding this here tonight is a wonderful coincidence. Even though the Big Brain books aren't available, some others I looked for are - Adrift In The Stratosphere (the worst sci-fi book ever according to some - the eight year old me didn't know that when I read it), The Expendables - Deathworms Of Kratos, The Benedict Arnold Connection - all now sitting on my kindle waiting to be read.

BTW - I am one of those people who shows up here every day - thanks for all the work you put in to keep us informed and inspired.

Steven Docker