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Friday, October 11, 2013

Comic Cuts - 11 October 2013

I mentioned last week that Bear Alley was suffering from an overdose of spam comments and that I was changing the settings. Since then, not a single spam comment has come through. The in-box of my mail browser is no longer bursting at the seems with spam every morning.

However, this isn't a perfect solution. The whole point of having the original settings was that anyone could comment and could comment anonymously if that was how they wanted to. I'm more interested in gathering information than knowing that whoever is supplying it has signed up for Google Plus. So hopefully this is a temporary measure and once some of the spammers have given up trying to overload the site, I'll review the situation. I can cope with a reasonable level of spam; it had just reached a point where it had become too distracting.

I suspect the situation had developed because Bear Alley is so hugely popular—my fascination for old comics, paperbacks and magazines is, of course, shared with the elite of humanity. I like to think of my readers as intelligent, inquiring and attractive. Smart, handsome men and beautiful, brainy women, coming together with a common interest in exploring the byways and alleyways of once popular cultures.

Turns out you're actually a bunch of perverts. Just look at the most popular search terms that bring people to this website:

bear alley
erotic comics
erotic cartoons
erotic comic
erotic cartoon
bear alley
adult comic

These are the top eight search terms that result in people visiting Bear Alley. You filthy, filthy-minded perverts. Be off with you. You'll see no porn here, nothing tacky or dirty or erotic. That's what the Daily Mail website is for. And you young gay men, attracted by the word Bear . . . it's not that kind of bear. It's the name of a road.

So... now that we've got rid of the spammers and perverts... hello? . . . hello? . . . why has my voice started to echo?


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