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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Everybody's from 1931

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

So the saying goes and from two issues of Everybody's from the summer of 1931 you'll see that public taste isn't so different: dressing up animals, and photographs of scantily clad lasses and cute babies were all the rage eighty years ago, just as they are now.

It's not just the photos... there's an article in one in which the Rev. D. Morse-Boycott discusses clergymen who suffer lapses and the painful publicity that can ensue from a savage press: "Need he also lose his chance of starting life afresh because the Daily Headline has published his one and only fall with every detail, and the Sunday Scavenger followed with a re-hash for the entertainment of all sorts and conditions of sinners?"

Other headlines involve a sporting scandal (horse doping), "Public services need bucking up", "Why love doesn't always run smooth", "Your face needs tidying" (beauty hints on how to remedy "holiday damage"), a member of the Harmsworth family praising the Germans ("My Night Out in the Zeppelin" by Geoffrey Harmsworth), praise for the idol rich and any excuse to show lots of skin... it could almost be any issue of the Daily Mail.

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