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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Spot the Strips: various

I'm trying to wrap this up so here are a variety of factual strips for which I need to i.d. the original source. It might be Le Journal de Tintin, but I'll be happy to learn otherwise. Can anyone identify the artists involved?

Montgomery - Man of Victory

The Building of Brooklyn Bridge

The Story of Mont Blanc

The Story of Sitting Bull

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Anonymous said...

first of, we have: “Montgomery” by Cheneval (art) and Step (text)
First published: Tintin (Belgium) # 34 of year 1958
Second story is “Ils ont construit le pont de Brooklyn” again by the same team.
First published: Tintin (Belgium) # 40 of year 1966
Third story is: “Les vainqueurs du Mont Blanc” by Sidney (art) and Step (text)
First published: Tintin (Belgium) # 37 of year 1966
Fourth story is “Sitting Bull” by Hermann (art) and Duval (text)
First published: Tintin (Belgium) # 38 of year 1966
Hermann did some good work on various of these ; it was my favourite just after Franz and the couple Funcken.

again, thanks to bdoublié for the info