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Friday, March 29, 2013

Comic Cuts - 29 March 2013

You will be pleased to hear that the Ranger book is almost finished. I finished off the clean up on 'The Adventures of Macbeth' over the weekend and the introduction is now firmly nailed down at around 15,500 words. There's a couple of minor tweaks required of the index and I have to put together the last few pages but the layouts are almost done and artist credits almost all in place. The final book should be around 160 pages, as are the Sexton Blake annuals I've published in the past. But I should be able to rein the price in a bit as licensing isn't so restrictive on the indexes as it was on those particular books. Expect an announcement within a week.

So... er... that's what I was up to this week.

Oh, yes, I meant to say that the Rolling News column is a  little screwed-up at the moment. Worked fine on Monday, couldn't get it to save anything on Tuesday. All I get is a message saying "Please correct the errors on this form." So I set up a new one with plain text, which works. Try to add a link or make even the simplest correction and it becomes impossible to save the changes. This problem has persisted through Wednesday and Thursday with no sign of Blogger fixing it. We'll just have to see what happens. Update: It turns out that none of my link lists can be altered. According to Blogger, a fix is being tested in draft and should be rolled out across Blogger shortly. This was announced Friday, still no sign of it on Saturday but keep your fingers crossed. That's what I'm doing with mine.

Random scans this week is a science fiction special... although the first title is a contemporary fantasy. Cover art is by Heather Cooper. The Lewis Shiner artwork is by Tony Roberts. Hyper-Drive was a genuine surprise. The cover is by John S. Smith, who also produced covers for Micron around that time but was later a leading artist for Look and Learn. But is the final cover also by Smith? It's a very small scan I picked up from somewhere on the net, so if anyone can supply me with a better scan...

Next week. Hmmmmm... we shall have to wait and see. In other words, I don't know.

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