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Monday, March 18, 2013

Eagles Over the Western Front part 1

Way back on 20 April 2009, I ran the first two episodes of "Eagles Over the Western Front". This was a first for Bear Alley as it was the first lengthy comic strip we ran on the website.

"Eagles Over The Western Front" was a long-running First World War strip that appeared in Look and Learn between July 1971 and October 1973. The first few episodes were single pages but the strip quickly proved its popularity and switched to two pages per episode. Its run on Bear Alley was also popular and, when it came to producing our first comic book reprint, "Eagles" was a natural choice. We reprinted it in three volumes in May, June and July 2011. And I'd love to see the strip reach a wider audience, so for those of you who have never seen it – and as part of our 2nd birthday celebrations – here is the debut story featuring Harry Hawkes as he attempts to join the Royal Flying Corps. I hope those of you with your own websites, blogs of Facebook pages will pop in a link to this page and to the page over on Bear Alley Books where you can buy all three volumes together.

The artwork throughout was by the great Bill Lacey and I think you'll enjoy the way it unfolds as a story over the next few days.

(* Eagles Over The Western Front © Look and Learn Ltd. Reprinted by permission.)


PeterD said...

Many thanks for this. I have very fond memories of this strip, which, I'm afraid, did not include its title. I had almost despaired of ever getting to see it again so this came as a great surprise. I didn't think it would ever be reprinted on paper, but this is a very acceptable substitute.

Now we'll see how it stands up to my memories....

Dave Morris said...

This is great stuff. It's not at all easy to pack humour, character and storyline into one-page segments, but this makes it look effortless. I'm going to study and learn.