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The Girl Factory

The Girl Factory series by Robert Franklin Murphy was originally published in the USA by Zebra in 1975; the first book was reprinted in 1976 as The Man Made Woman, but the British reprint retained the original title, The Girl Factory. These are Robert Franklin Murphy's only two credits, which makes me suspect the name is a pen-name, despite Hubin giving the author a year of birth (1924).

The titles are copyright to Script Representatives Inc., who also represented a number of authors around that same period, including Janet Louise Roberts and her pseudonym Janette Badcliffe, Parley Cooper and her pen-name Josephine Freytag, Barbara O'Brien and Betsy Winston in the 1970s. As far as I can tell, in 1979-84 Script Representatives were almost exclusively representing various novels in The Butcher series by Stuart Jason and the novels of Paula Fairman, both known pseudonyms.

Script Representatives was set up in New York in October 1972. Rights to their 56 titles were assigned to Jay Garon-Brooke Associates Inc. in 1998 and the company was dissolved in 1999.

Paul Fairman was the pen-name of Paul W. Fairman, whilst Stuart Jason was a house name used by various authors, including Michael Avallone, James Dockery and Lee Floren. Of these, Michael Avallone was born in 1924 (he died in 1999), which makes me wonder if Avallone was behind the Murphy pen-name.

The Girl Factory
Mews Books 0452-00031-9. Aug 1976, 160pp, 45p. Cover by W. Francis Phillipps
Somebody, somewhere was manufacturing Duplicate People and posing a major risk to the peace of the world. Something had to be done.
__Su-Lin Kelly, the beautiful, wealthy playgirl who headed a global espionage network inherited from her husband, took on the job.
__Su-Lin – trained in the arts of the ancient East, Oriental fighting and the Kama Sutra – brought a murderous skill and sexual prowess to her work which made her almost unbeatable.
__But just how was she going to cope with the seemingly unending attacks of the clones...?
King's Mate
Mews Books 0452-00043-2, Oct 1976, 142pp, 50p. Cover by W. Francis Phillipps
Su-Lin Kelly can fight like a man – but she's also a beautiful, sexy woman.
__Just ask the scientist who created her, out of a handful of cells, in a super-secret process for duplicating an individual from a single cell.
__Su-Lin is also the head of a world-wide espionage agency which can get her into many bizarre and dangerous situations.
__And the most bizarre of all is when she's called on to track down a defected Russian scientist ... and finds her 'life' on the line in a chess match where the players are human – and to be check-mated is a fate worse than death!

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