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Paperback Cover Cavalcade 17: Xaviera Hollander

Xaviera Hollander was a name I came across in a British newspaper back in the 1970s, her name being similar enough to my own surname for it to be memorable. The newspaper report included photographs of a model wearing a short skirt walking through a park. There was a drawstring attached to the back of the skirt which, when pulled, flashed her bare backside, much to the delight of a couple of old guys sitting on one of the park's benches.

I'm guessing this must have appeared in the Sunday Mirror as the Mirror was, for the most part, my Dad's newspaper of choice. What the bum-flash-in-the-park had to do with Xaviera Hollander I don't recall. This is thirty-five plus years ago and that's the memory I have . . . which doesn't mean that it actually happened.

Background on Xaviera Hollander can be found on Wikipedia.


Madame l'Ambassadrice (translated by Anthea Bell; Nuffield, Aidan Ellis, 1982)
Granada 0583-13577-3, 1983, 175pp, £1.50. Cover: photo by Beverley Le Barrow

Lucinda, My Lovely (Henley-on-Thames, Aidan Ellis, 1983)
Granada 0586-05786-2, 1984, 176pp, £1.95. Cover: photo by Beverley Le Barrow

Lucinda: Hot Nights on Xanthos (Henley-on-Thames, Aidan Ellis, 1984)
Panther Books 0586-06252-1, 1985, 255pp.

Happily Hooked, with John Drummond
Granada 0586-06399-4, 1985, 303pp.

Erotic Enterprises Inc. (Henley-on-Thames, Aidan Ellis, 1985)
Granada 0586-06254-8, 1986, 239pp.

Yours Fatally! [Golden Phallas of Osiris Book 1]
Grafton 0586-07039-7, 1987, 283pp.

The Kiss of the Serpent [Golden Phallas of Osiris Book 2]
Grafton 0586-07040-0, 1987, 222pp.
Diamond Books 0261-66647-9, 1995, 222pp.

Prisoner of the Firebird [Golden Phallas of Osiris Book 3]
Grafton 0586-07041-9, 1988, 208pp.

Let's Get Moving, with John Drummond
Grafton 0586-07431-7, 1988, 283pp.


Lucinda and other Lovelies (contains: Lucinda, My Lovely; Lucinda, Hot Nights on Xanthos; Erotic Enterprises, Inc.). Nuffield, Aidan Ellis, 1990, 440pp.


The Happy Hooker, with Robin Moore & Yvonne Dunleavy (New York, Dell, 1972; London, Talmy, 1972)
Tandem 0426-13346-3, 1973, 304pp.
---- [2nd imp.] Jun 1975; [3rd imp.] Jul 1975; [4th imp.] Aug 1975, 50p; [5th imp.] Nov 1975, 60p.
Grafton 0586-07042-7, 1987, 301pp. [revised edition]

Xaviera! (New York, Warner Paperback Library, 1973)
Tandem 0426-13426-5, 1974, 428pp. Cover: photo by Neal Slavin
---- [2nd imp.] Sep 1974; [3rd imp.] Jun 1975, 70p; [4th imp.] 1976, 70p.

Letters to the Happy Hooker personally selected by Xaviera Hollander, edited by Bob Abel & Michael Valenti (New York, Warner Paperback Library, 1973)
Tandem 0426-13434-6, 1974, 6+295pp.

The Best Part of a Man (New York, Dell, 1975; London, Talmy Franklin, 1975)
Star 0352-30472-3, 1980

Xaviera's Supersex (New York, New American Library, 1976; as Xaviera's Fantastic Sex, New American Library, 1978)
(UK paperback?)

Xaviera Meets Marilyn Chambers
Tandem 0426-17996-X, 1978, 201pp.

Xaviera Goes Wild
Universal 0426-16803-8, 1978, 365pp.

Xaviera's Magic Mushrooms
New English Library 0450-05064-5, 1981, 221pp.

The Inner Circle
Granada, 1983, 224pp.

Fiesta of the Flesh
Granada  0586-06195-9, 1984, 255pp.
Diamond Books, c.1995.

Knights in the Garden of Spain
Grafton 0586-07432-5, 1988, 219pp.
Diamond Books 0261-66641-X, 1995, 219pp. Cover: photo

Child No More (New York, ReganBooks, 2002)
(no UK paperback)

The Happy Hooker's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex: 69 Orgasmic Ways to Pleasure a Woman (New York, Skyhorse, 2008)
(no UK paperback)

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