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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alex R. Stuart

Alex R. Stuart was the pen-name of Richard Alexander Steuart Gordon who also wrote science fiction as Stuart Gordon. Gordon died in 2009 and we ran an obituary for him at the time.

The Bikers by Alex Stuart
New English Library 0450-01026-0, Nov 1971.
---- [2nd imp.] Oct 1971 [prior to publication].
---- [3rd imp.] May 1972, 126pp, 25p.
Meet Larry the Lamb – mad-eyed monster with multi-coloured hair, rider like none other of the great BSA Lightning Rocket.
__Meet Little Bill  – huge, with vulture nose and black stringy hair and, from the elbow down, a metal arm with gleaming steel claws that clutch his Harley-Davidson 74 like they were born from it.
__Watch It! When these two meet, it's Hell on Earth – and all England has to pay...
The Outlaws by Alex R. Stuart
New English Library 0450-01210-7, Aug 1972, 142pp, 30p.
84 Killed as Hell's Angels riot at rock festival!
That's the world of the Bikers and their leader Little Billy – a mind-snapping, road-raping, nightmarish renegade – daring the whole country to mess with him.
__His long greasy mane whips and streams past the glasciated valkyrie face of his black-booted old lady. His long, curving, dawn-catching, two-pronged claws, replacements for his left hand and forearm, victim of a Californian outlaw axe.
__There's no mistake and no second changes with Little Billy.
The Last Trip by Alex R. Stuart
New English Library 0450-01288-3, Nov 1972, 141pp, 30p.
Maniac keening against the wind from the hills. Heather scorched by the hell-flame of his passing. A chrome monster screaming hatred against all pursuers.
__Little Billy, last and lonest of all Angels is going North. The fastness and desolation of Scotland is teh only refuge for him. Billy has no more friends – just a world of enemies.
__Alex R. Stuart brings the trilogy of Little Billy – that began with 'The Bikers' and continued with 'The Outlaws' – to an apocalyptic climax. This really is the ultime – The Last Trip.
The Devil's Rider by Alex R. Stuart
New English Library 0450-01359-6, Jan 1973, 141pp, 30p.
New English Library 0450-02519-5 [2nd imp.] Apr 1975, 141pp, 35p.
"The moon gleams ivory through wisps of cloud. Shovels and pickaxes are strapped to the bikes, like Sam insisted. For what? Digging their own grave? Sam wouldn't say. The whole trip's weird."
The Bike from Hell by Alex R. Stuart
New English Library 0450-01586-6, Jun 1973, 144pp, 30p.
The Sons and Daughters of Baal rode high to Stonehenge on that Midsummer night.
__Johnny's black bike was sold after his trial – four times. It killed two owners and injured a third. so it was brought back to wait for Johnny's release.
__It's all coming together. But there are still several loose threads in the web. Threads which are almost invisible, and might not be seen in time. Threads upon which everything depends...

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