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George Revelli

George Revelli was the pen-name of Geoffrey Bocca (1923-1983), a British journalist and author described in one of his books thus: "High-living adventurer, journalist, traveller – and extremely successful author. Born in London, he almost became a professional footballer before setting off for America, where he achieved the remarkable feat (for an Englishman) of making it as a top sportswriter. Later, as an international journalist, he was in Cuba, Algeria and Prague when the going got rough. He now writes about espionage and the more exotic aspects of travel, as well as publishing erotic novels under a pseudonym. His jet-set lifestyle is based on homes in the South of France, Ibiza, London and New York, where he writes his books and – enjoys the good things in life."

Bocca was a war correspondent for the London Daily Express during World War II, later moving to the USA, teaching journalism and creative writing at several American universities. After writing a number of books on royalty, he began writing travel books and later, at the end of the 1960s, turned to writing fiction. His earliest novels, published as by George Revelli and featuring Commander Amanda Nightingale, were set and WWII. Nightingale was a British Intelligence officer dropped behind enemy lines in France where she is soon captured. The books are filled with sexual sadism which can make uncomfortable reading if you're looking for an adventure novel.

Under his own name, Bocca went on to write a couple of glamorous thrillers in the mid-1970s – Nadine and Giselle – set in what were then exotic Mediteranean locations like the Cannes Film Festival and the Riviera. He also (ghost) wrote Appointment in Dallas by Hugh C. McDonald, about the Kennedy assassination.

Commander Amanda Nightingale (New York, Grove Press, 1968; London, New English Library, 1969)
Mayflower 0583-11825-9, 1971, 160pp, 30p. Cover: photo
---- [2nd imp.] 1972
---- [3rd imp.] 1973, 160pp, 35p. Cover: photo
Amanda adores her captors
Within hours of landing in occupied territory Commander Amanda Nightingale is captured. She becomes the prisoner, victim and plaything of three perverse and sadistic Germans. Amanda enjoys every minute of it...
__Everything happens to Commander Amanda — the beautiful but inexperienced English spy who leaves her sexpertise marked on the history of occupied France.
Resort to War (New York, Grove Press, 1970; London, New English Library, 1971)
Mayflower 0583-12017-2, (Mar) 1972, 239pp. Cover: photo

Amanda's Castle (New York, Bantam, 1972)
Mayflower 0583-12222-1, 1973, 156pp, 35p. Cover: photo
If you hear the rumour that Amanda won the war single-handed, over a hotbed of rape, bloodshed and torture, don't discount it — read on, it goes something like this:
__"A feminine figure emerged behind the S.S. officer, but such a figure as could never have been seen on a field of battle since the campaigns of Queen Boadicea or the rape of the Sabine women. She looked like she might be very pretty under the thick layer of dirt, but the most alarming thing about her was that she was all but naked..."
__Hello again, Amanda. Nice to have you back again, from the jaws of death and the thigh-grip of your oppressors. To love someone means, in the final analysis, death to all the others!

Amanda in Spain (New York, Zebra, 1975, as by Geoffrey Bocca)
Mayflower 0583-12452-6, 1976, 204pp, 50p. Cover: photo
Amanda takes her punishment
The war in the West is over, but not for the girl who has been raped, defiled, tortured, degraded and humiliated all over Europe — Amanda Nightingale, MP. Now our cool, blonde heroine is heading for fascist Madrid, bolt-hole for all the fleeing rats of Nazi Europe. And among the lost hordes of war criminals and collaborators lurks the infamous Father Grotius, a man with whom Amanda has a few old scores (and tender sores) to settle.
__But there are those in Spain who have other plans. Like Prince Otto von Wied, the stammering sadist. And the Abbess of the self-mortifying Order of St Kristina, a lady of very forceful habits. Both intend to make life pretty painful for Amanda. But then, that's what Amanda's used to. And she's not the sort of girl to take it lying down...

Amanda in Berlin
Mayflower 0583-12778-9, 1978, 188pp, 85p. Cover: photo
Cold war, hot piece
World War II may be over, but for the sensual Amanda Nightingale, MP, the peace proves anything but restful. Brutal Germans have been replaced by even more perverse servants of the USSR. The Cold War is under way, and for Amanda, on a parliamentary visit to Berlin, city of spies, it's back into trouble again.
__Agony for our intrepid blonde heroine, ecstasy for the sadistic tools of the Soviets — it seems to be the story of Amanda's life. Anyone would think she enjoyed it...

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  1. I found the book Commander Amanda at a church thrift store 20 years ago and have hunted down copies of a couple others over the years. So campy, lol. I love them.



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