Sunday, June 12, 2011

TV Express Scrapbook: Biggles

Here are a couple of scans from the pages of TV Express from 1960 introducing the Biggles strip that began running in 1960. The artwork is by Ron Embleton and followed on from his work on 'Battleground' and 'Wulf the Briton' (which came to an end on the rear cover of issue 306, hence 'Biggles' appearing only on the front). Embleton was working at the top of game at this time -- was he ever off his game? -- and his every contribution he made to Express Weekly and TV Express would be worth reprinting. Thankfully we now have one strip (Wulf) reprinted in its entirety. Maybe one day we'll see more.

(* © TV Publications Ltd.)

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  1. Great to see these Steve and wouldn't it be great to get all the work that Ron created for Express and TV Express back in print?

    The only strip that might present problems with regard to copyright clearance is in fact the one you have chosen to feature. However all the Biggles Embleton TV Express strips along with the Mike Western strips, were reprinted by Miklo in French in 2002 and 2003.

    Here's a link where you can see some of the contents of one of the books:

    and here's more:



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