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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Eagles Volume Two - OUT NOW!

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I've just spent the morning addressing envelopes and running... OK, walking them down to the post office. So everyone who pre-ordered should be receiving their copies in the next day or two.

I will have some copies available at the ABC Show at the Royal National on Sunday (12th June) but I also want to bring up copies of the Hurricane and Champion index and the first volume of Eagles, and as I'm going to be lugging the whole lot up on the train I won't be able to carry too many of each book. Actually, the bits of the journey on the train are fine: it's the bits in-between when I have to walk down to the train station, switch to the underground and walk to the hotel that I'm not looking forward to. Hopefully I'll sell a few so that I don't have to lug them all the way back home again!

If you're not going to the show, get your orders in quickly because I'm not carrying a huge stock of these books and it'll be a month before I can get any more printed. The plan is to restock when volume three comes out in July as it saves a considerable amount on shipping costs. There are advantages to being tight-fisted: it means that I can put out books at a pence-per-page cost that compares well to books you can get from some major publishers, which isn't bad value for money when you think that their print runs are a hundred plus times greater than mine. (I wonder if, just maybe, that's why Bear Alley Books has yet to make a profit...)

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