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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ken MacLeod cover gallery

Ken MacLeod is a Scottish SF author, one of the wave of British authors who began appearing in the 1990s that include Charles Stross, Stephen Baxter, Peter F. Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds and Adam Roberts. A fine writer who deserves a gallery here. I also like cover artist Lee Gibson and ran a little gallery of the 'Engines of Light' trilogy hardcover jackets back in June 2008.

What actually prompted this little gallery was that I've just noticed a curiosity regarding MacLeod's Dark Light where the front cover is a rotated version of the hardcover dustjacket image (above). Moving the author's name down from the top header and onto the image, means that the spaceship would be entirely covered up, so they've turned the image 90 degrees. The back cover and spine is another extract from the original. Scroll down to see how it turned out.


The Star Fraction (1995)
Orbit, 1998
Orbit 184149096-2, 2nd imp., 2000; 3rd imp. 2000.
----, 4th imp., 2001, 341pp, £6.99. Cover by Angus McKie

The Stone Canal (1996)

The Cassini Division (1998)
Orbit 185723730-7, 1999, 240pp, £6.99. Cover by Mark Salwowski

The Sky Road (1999)
Orbit 185723967-9, 2000, 402pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

Cosmonaut Keep (2000)
Orbit 184149067-9, 2001, 385pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

Dark Light (2001)
Orbit 184149109-8, 2002, 368pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

Engine City (2002)
Orbit 184149203-5, 2003, 369pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

Newton's Wake: A Space Opera (2004)
Orbit 184149224-8, 2005, 369pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

Learning the World: A Novel of First Contact (2005)
Orbit 184149344-9, 2006, 398pp, £6.99. Cover by Lee Gibbons

The Highway Men (2006)
Sandstone Press 1905-20706-9 [Sandstone Vista 8], 2006, 74pp, £5.95. Cover photo

The Execution Channel (2007)
Orbit 978-184149349-7, 2008, 370+36pp, £6.99.

The Night Sessions (2008)

The Restoration Game (2010)

Intrusion (2012)
Orbit 978-1841-40940-6, 2013, 387pp, £8.99. Cover design by Nico Taylor

Descent (2014)

Dissidence (2016)

Insurgence (2016)

Emergence (2017)

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