Monday, May 30, 2011

Eagle Award for Commando

The MCM London Expo was held over the weekend while I was struggling to get my computer back up and running (grrrrr!). Rich Johnston's Bleeding Cool has the full list of winners, which includes a win for Commando in the Favourite British Comic (Black & White) category.

Commando editor Calum Laird says: "It goes without saying that everybody at Commando HQ was highly delighted. But it's not all about the small handful of us here, the award is a fitting recognition of the work of all those who have put so much into the title over the last 50 years. It is their efforts that have made Commando so highly-regarded the comics world. This includes our legion of supporters (you) who have helped keep awareness of Commando so high in the minds of comic-buyers. I regard you as very much part of our team."

In October, Carlton are publishing a history of the famous pocket library, Commando: 50 Years a Home for Heroes, penned by George Low. Details are still fairly sparse at the moment: it's a 176-page hardback and will include 50 full-colour covers. Here's the synopsis from Carlton which reveals almost nothing...
50 years of "Commando"...home for heroes...and still going strong! And now you...yes, YOU...can advance shoulder to shoulder with the bravest and the best through six of the finest "Commando" stories ever...brought together in this battling book for all "Commando" fans out there! When the toughest of the tough get going, the action accelerates from page to blistering page. Can you cope with the pressure? Are you sure? Good, because we're also going to unleash the stinging power of 50 full-colour covers on you as well. That's one for every hard-fought year, and you'll need nerves of steel to get in close...combat pick out the finer details of these startling illustrations. You just know it will be well worth the risk. And all the gen from the classified documents which shield the secrets of "Commando" comic books will be there too for you to explore and enjoy. The truth is revealed about the 50-year fight from day one of a carefully planned and well executed campaign to bring you the best of the action to rock you right back on your heels. You've proved you can take all that's thrown at you by reading this far, so don't miss out on this mother of all battle books. Remember what they say. Who dares wins...and that could be YOU!

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