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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Peter Cheyney part 3: Others

Another Little Drink (London, Collins, 1940)
White Circle 336m, Jun 1953
Pan Books G108, (Mar) 1958
----, 2nd imp., 1959, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by Sam Peffer
----, 3rd imp., 1960. [as above]

Dark Duet (London, Collins, 1942)
Penguin 722, 1949
White Circle 319m, Dec 1951
White Circle 348m, Apr 1955
Pan Books G160, (Sep) 1958
----, 2nd imp., 1959. Cover by unknown

The Stars Are Dark (Quayle; London, Collins, 1943)
White Circle 296, Jun 1947
Pan Books 40, Jan 1948. Cover by unknown
----, 1948. Dust jacket by Stein
----, xth imp., 1950, 1/6. Cover by George Woodman
----, xth imp., 1951, 1/6. Cover by George Woodman [as above]
----, xth imp., 1952, 2/-. Cover by John Keay
Fontana Books 107, Jun 1956. Cover by unknown
Fontana Books 865, 1963. Cover by unknown

The Dark Street (Quayle; London, Collins, 1944)
White Circle, Apr 1947
White Circle 315m, Jan 1951
Fontana 123, Aug 1956, 2/-.
Pan G647, (Oct) 1963, 2/6. Cover by J. Oval

Sinister Errand (Kells; London, Collins, 1945)
White Circle 299, Feb 1948
White Circle 332m, Apr 1953
White Circle 363m, Jan 1957
Fontana Books 314, Apr 1959. Cover by Gilain?

Dark Hero (London, Collins, 1946)
White Circle 302, Feb 1950
Fontana Books 74, Aug 1955, 2/-. Cover by unknown.
White Circle 394m. Jun 1959
Fontana Books 587, 1961. Cover by unknown [adapts Fontana 74]

The Curiosity of Etienne MacGregor (London, Locke, 1947)
Corgi Books T122
as The Sweetheart of the Razors, Ace Books H226, (Oct) 1958, 176pp, 2/6. Cover by Donelli
as Sweetheart of the Razors, Four Square 1114, 1964, 3/6. Cover by unknown

Dark Interlude (Quayle; London, Collins, 1947)
White Circle 309, May 1950
Pan Books 432, (Sep) 1957. Cover by Sam Peffer
Pan Books G317, 1959. Cover by unknown
Fontana Books 626, 1962, 192pp, 2/6.
Fontana Books 1168, [2nd imp.] Oct 1965, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by unknown

Dance Without Music (London, Collins, 1947)
White Circle 357m, Mar 1956
Fontana Books 514, 1961. Cover by John L. Baker

Try Anything Twice (London, Collins, 1948)
White Circle 333m, May 1963
Fontana Books 325, Jun 1959. Cover by unknown
----, 2nd imp.
Fontana Books, [3rd imp.] 1965. Cover by unknown

Dark Wanton (Quayle; London, Collins, 1948)
White Circle 328m, Feb 1953
Pan Books 381, (Jul) 1957, 192pp, 2/-. Cover by Henry Fox
----, 2nd imp., 1957
White Circle 375m, Apr 1958
Pan Books G257, [3rd(?) imp.] 1959. Cover by Sam Peffer
Fontana Books 662, 1962. Cover by John Keay

You Can Call It a Day (Vallon; London, Collins, 1949)
Pan Books 224, Oct 1952, 2/-. Cover by Sax
Fontana Books 169, Feb 1957

One Of Those Things (London, Collins, 1949)
Fontana Books 8, Oct 1953
Pan Books G407, 1960

Lady, Behave! (Vallon; London, Collins, 1950)
Fontana Books 19, Mar 1954
White Circle 387m, Feb 1959

Dark Bahama (Vallon; London, Collins, 1950)
Pan Books 277, 1957. Cover by John Pollack
Fontana Books 401, Jun 1960. Cover by John L. Baker
Fontana Books 962, [2nd imp.] Jun 1964, 190pp, 2/6. Cover by unknown
Fontana Books 1403, [3rd imp.] Oct 1966, 190pp, 3/6. Cover: photo by George Coral(?) [design by Douglas Merritt(?)]

Ladies Won't Wait (Kells; London, Collins, 1951)
Fontana 27, May 1954. Cover by John Rose
White Circle 390m, Apr 1959
Pan Books G471, 1961. Cover by Sam Peffer

Dressed to Kill (London, Todd Publishing, 1952)
Corgi T108, 1955, 157pp, 2/-. Cover by unknown
Ace Books H260, 1959, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by unknown
Four Square 1291, 1965, 3/6. Cover by unknown


You Can't Hit a Woman (London, Collins, 1937
abridged, Pan Books 272, Nov 1953
----, 2nd imp., 1954.
Fontana 222, Aug 1958
Pan Books G510, [3rd imp.] 1961, 202pp, 2/6. Cover by Sheldon
Fontana 1331, [2nd imp.] Jun 1966, 253pp, 3/6. Photo: George Coral [design: Douglas Merritt]

Knave Takes Queen (London, Collins, 1939)
Mayflower, 1961.
----, 2nd imp., Jul 1966, 223pp, 5/-. Cover: photo

Adventures of Alonzo MacTavish (MacTavish)
Todd Publishing (Polybooks), 1943, 16pp.

Alonzo MacTavish Again (MacTavish)
Todd Publishing, 1943, 16pp, 9d.

Love with a Gun and other stories
Todd Publishing (Polybooks), 1943, 16pp
Todd Publishing (Polybooks), 1945.
Vallency Press (Polybooks), 1945, 6d.

The Man with the Red Beard
Todd Publishing (Bantam), 1943, 16pp, 4d.
Vallancy Press, 1944, 16pp, 4d.

The Murder of Alonzo (MacTavish)
Todd Publishing, 1943.

Account Rendered
Vallancey Press (Polybooks), 1944, 16pp.

Making Crime Pay (London, Faber, 1944)
(no paperback editions?)

You Can't Trust Duchesses, and other stories
Vallancey Press, 1945, 16pp, 6d.
expanded, Vallency Press, 1946, 64pp.

The Adventures of Julia
Poynings Press, 1945, 32pp, 1/-.

Escape for Sandra
Poynings Press, 1945, 31pp, 1/-.
Bantam Books, 1948, 32pp, 1/-.

A Tough Spot for Cupid, and other stories
Vallancy Press, 1945, 64pp, 2/-.

Night Club
Poynings Press, 1945, 16pp, 2/-.

The Man with Two Wives, and other stories
Francis Hodgson, 1946, 64pp, 6d.

He Walked in Her Sleep, and other stories (MacTavish)
Polybooks, 1946, 62pp.
expanded, Todd Publishing (1953, 160pp, h/c)
Ace Books H237, (Jan) 1959, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by Sandro Symeoni
Four Square 616, 1962. Cover by Schulz
----, 1962
----, 1964
----, 1965, 3/6.
New English Library, Mar 1968, 128pp, 3/6. Cover by Noiquet

Lady in Green, and other stories (MacTavish)
Bantam Books, 1947, 64pp, 9d.

A Matter of Luck, and other stories (MacTavish)
Bantam Books, 1947, 64pp, 9d.

Cocktail Party, and other stories
Bantam Books, 1948, 48pp, 9d.

Cocktail for Cupid, and other stories
Bantam Books, 1948, 48pp, 9d.

Fast Work, and other stories
Bantam Books, 1948, 48pp, 9d.

Information Received, and other stories
Bantam Books, 1948, 48pp, 9d.

No Ordinary Cheyney (London, Faber, 1948)
(no paperback editions?)

The Unhappy Lady, and other stories (MacTavish)
Bantam Books, 1948, 48pp, 9d.

The Lady in Tears, and other stories
Bantam Books, 1948, 48pp, 9d.

Velvet Johnnie, and other stories
White Circle 379m, Feb 1958

The Best Stories of Peter Cheyney, edited by Viola G. Garvin (London, Faber, 1954)
(no paperback editions?)

The Adventures of Julia and two other spy stories (Todd Publishing, 1954)
as You'd Be Surprised, Ace Books H320, 1959 (Jan 1960), 160pp, 2/6. Cover by Sandro Symeoni?
as You'd Be Surprised, Four Square 649, 1962, 155pp, 2/6. Cover by Roger Hall
as The Adventures of Julia, Four Square 1317, 1965, 3/6.

The Mystery Blues, and other stories (Callaghan/MacTavish)
as Fast Work, Ace Books H207, (Jul) 1958, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by John Vernon
as Fast Work, Four Square 1200, 1965, 3/6.


Tony Randall said...

Your Peter Cheney covers - especially the Pan and Fontana ones - take me back to my young manhood: most interesting!
I came across your prolific site when researching Alastair Revie, who wrote the "autobiography" of Colonel Wintle, The Last Englishman, on whom I am writing a thesis. You wrote on 18/11/09 that you though that Revie could be “possibly Alastair Shaw Revie (1919-1988), a Scot who later lived in Shropshire.” I would be most grateful if you could e-mail me on to tell me what leads you to suppose that.
Best wishes, Tony

Steve said...

Hi Tony,

There's only one registered death for anyone called Alastair Revie in England & Wales. I don't have access to Scottish birth/death records, but there was an Alastair S. Revie, journalist, in Scottish phone books 1949-56, address Villa Marina, Shore Road, Kilcreggan.

It isn't too much of a leap to link Alastair S. Revie, journalist, to Alastair Shaw Revie, although I've no firm proof. You would probably need to get his death certificate for that... if it gives his occupation as retired journalist you should be onto a winner.

intermole said...

If you go to the Official Peter Cheyney Website you will find galleries of almost every British cover and hundreds of foreign ones:

JPre8ton said...

If there's still any interest in Alastair Shaw Revie, I have a photograph of his gravestone. There's very little information on it, but it does say, "Writer." It's on the Shropshire/Staffordshire borders, so it's probably the same person.