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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Air Ace covers

About eighteen months ago I edited a book called Wings of Death (you can find the cover down the left-hand column), which came out from Prion last April. I pulled a copy off the shelf at the weekend to look up one of the strips that appeared and noticed that the covers to the six stories were reprinted in black & white at the back of the book. When I had a look at my folder of Air Ace covers I couldn't help noticing that I had scans of the original artwork for all six. You know me... I don't like to keep these things to myself, so here they are.

Giorgio De Gaspari, Air Ace 5
Nino Caroselli, Air Ace 18
Giorgio De Gaspari & Roy McArdorey, Air Ace 21
Giorgio De Gaspari, Air Ace 23
Nino Caroselli, Air Ace 37
Allesandro Biffignandi(?) & Roy McAdory, Air Ace 43
(* Artwork © IPC Media.)

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