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Sunday, October 03, 2010

TV Tie-ins: Squadron

Based on the 10-part BBC TV series created and written by Alastair Balfour and Peter May, with Norman Crisp, Ken Clarke, Mervyn Haisman, Adrian Reid and Ray Thompson. Produced by Joe Walters, the series starred Michael Culver, Malcolm Stoddard, Alan Hunter, Derek Anders, Richard Simpson, Catriona MacColl and Carl Rigg. IMDB.

Squadron by Norman Ross
Coronet 0340-32050-8, 1982, 188pp, £1.50. Cover photo by Douglas Playle
Severn House 0727-80869-5, 1983, 188pp. (h/c)
Squadron: the RAF's latest crack unit, formed to protect the British citizens overseas from the terrifying politics of the 1980 ... the unit whose outspoken enemies are as plentiful in the corridors of Whitehall as within the RAF itself.
__Squadron: the brainchild of Group Captain James Christie who, with his ace team, flies unhesitatingly to the most horrifying danger spots: to an African civil war where British archaeologists are caught in the bloody crossfire; and to San Vincente in South America where thousands of refugees depend on the squadron's emergency relief mission.

The novelisation is, interestingly, copyrighted to Motorium Ltd. and the only other mention I can trace of that company relates to a couple of novels by Norman Hartley. Hartley, a reporter and foreign correspondent born in 1934, wrote a trio of novels, including The Viking Process (New York, Simon & Schuster, Mar 1976; London, Collins, Sep 976), Quicksilver (London, Collins, Mar 1979; New York, Atheneum, May 1979) and Shadowplay (New York, Atheneum, Sep 1982; London, Collins, Jan 1983).

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