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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

John Burke gallery 2

Here's another quick gallery of John Burke. A science fiction fan, Burke wrote a series of SF novels in the early 1950s for Panther Books as Jonathan Burke. The Panther line was probably the best of the original paperback SF that was appearing at the time as the authors—Ken Bulmer, Ted Tubb, H. J. Campbell, Bryan Berry, Burke et al—had a good grounding in SF. Burke's six novels ranged from alien invasion (Twilight of Reason and its sequel Revolt of the Humans) to Lovecraftian horror (The Dark Gateway). The covers were relatively restrained, with five of the six painted by John Richards who went on to greater things with Corgi Books.

Dark Gateway
Panther Books 94, (Nov) 1953, 223pp, 2/-. Cover by John Richards

The Echoing Worlds
Panther Books 103, (Feb) 1954, 159pp, 1/6. Cover by John Richards

Twilight of Reason
Panther Books 118, (Mar) 1954, 141pp, 1/6. Cover by John Richards

Hotel Cosmos
Panther Books 135, 1954 (Jan 1955), 142pp, 1/6. Cover by John Richards

Deep Freeze
Panther Books 182, (Feb) 1955, 144pp, 1/6. Cover by Ron Turner

Revolt of the Humans
Panther Books 192, (Mar) 1955, 141pp, 1/6. Cover by John Richards

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